Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Year in Review

Pretend there's a photo of the two Shepherd's Bush stockings I finished here. And there would be, but I seem to have deleted the photos before I uploaded them to the computer. D'oh. I had a hard Christmas season, people.

My goals for 2009 were

  1. Make sure that I am always happy stitching on a project. That means if deadlines are stressing me out, I will change the goal. No more panicking! I think I did well with this.
  2. Finish-finish more projects for myself...I'm going to shoot for 12 pieces from the finishing pile finished by myself for myself. I started out gangbusters on this, but fizzled. Actually, when I counted (see below) I did better than I realized.
  3. Mermaid SAL with Michelle. This is for my mom's 65th birthday, and if she's lucky it will be done in April. If it's not, it'll be a helluva Christmas gift. Or a helluva 66th birthday present...Michelle, where did we go wrong?
  4. Flea Market Souvenir SAL with Linda and Rosa. (Someday I am going to Iceland. Really.) Hey, I finished! (link below)
  5. Put at least one Saturday a month into the French marquoir. I didn't touch this all year! Horrors.
  6. Make a dent in the WIP pile. (I know I say this every year.) I finished four from this list: Anna's Bird, Anna's Stocking, Brett's Stocking, and Monthly Mania November.


  1. Make tiny little changes to make myself healthier: take all my meds as directed; eat more whole grain; drink more water; exercise 30 minutes every day. On that last one, Geggie's going to keep me honest. When Geggie disappeared, Stella appeared. I've walked at least three days a week (more like seven) since she came into our lives. I've done pretty well with this.
  2. Find a new job. No comment.
Pieces I stitched:
  1. Blackbird Designs, Flea Market Souvenir
  2. Shepherd's Bush, Brett's Stocking*
  3. Heart in Hand, Monthly Mania, November
  4. Good Huswife, Anna's Bird*
  5. Shepherd's Bush, Anna's Stocking*
  6. Ink Circles, freebie June 2007*
  7. Ink Circles, freebie 2007*
  8. And again*
  9. EE&F, rose fob*
  10. Kathy Moenkhaus, Playful Patchwork*
  11. Fair and Square, this from Christiane Dahlbeck's Fadenspiel
  12. JBW, I love to Shop at the Silver Needle*
  13. Primitive Needlework, Halloween freebie*
  14. Patriotic Needlebook (from camp)
  15. Sheepish Designs, Peace freebie*
  16. Lizzie*Kate, Cinderella*
  17. Blackbird Souvenir de France
  18. Monsterbubbles, Don't
  19. Workbasket, Mermaids Singing*
  20. Mill Hill, martini*
  21. Hinzeit, Sisters* (I really need to get a shot of the framed piece.)
  22. Shepherd's Bush, 2009 scissor fob
  23. little mojo, Harry Potter boxes*
  24. "Eat Me" apron
Mayhaps not as many as usual, but notice that 70% were finish-finished.

Pieces I finish-finished:
  1. EE&F Plum Pudding
  2. Trilogy, Happy Bunny Bunny Day
  3. EE&F, pea scissors fob
  4. Mary Garry, freebie needlecase
  5. Heart in Hand, Woodland Noel
  6. Snowman ornament
  7. Trilogy, Spring is in the Air
  8. EE&F, Vous et Nul Autre
  9. Chessie and Me, Be Thee Mine

This list includes three framed pieces, but I did them myself, so I am counting them (I had originally specified "alternative" finishes). I was only three short of my goal. Not bad...

Maybe 2009 was a better year than I thought!

* These items were stitched and finished.


Lee said...

Way to go, girlie!

Anonymous said...

I think your list is very impressive! And good job on your goals!

Real Live Woman said...

24 stitched pieces is an impressive number!

Alice said...

You have done well! What about goals for this year?

Monsoon said...

Better than me! Good job on the finish-finished stuff

Nic said...

Well done on your accomplishments, I think you did great!

ElizabethS said...

Welcome home : ) You were missed!!

Jenna said...

Maybe it was a better year?? Just maybe? I think you did really well! Way to go!