Friday, November 06, 2009

You See I Got Right On That

Running out the door to start the trip to help my parents with the house (again!), but needed to post. Will respond to comments from yesterday's post tomorrow. Lots to say, I think.

A mere six days ago, I posted a list of things I planned to do this month. You will notice that "stitch a scissor fob for myself" is decidedly not on the list. But I did it anyway.

When I started it, I looked all over the pattern to see if I stitched with one strand or two. I couldn't find the instructions anywhere, so I went with two. I was nearly finished the front when I realized that I was going to run out of guacamole. That's when I reexamined the instructions and right there, right at the top of the page, one-over-two. D'oh! So I went out and got myself a skein of WDW so I could finish it--because if you're going to start something not one your (overly ambitious) list, you have to finish it. Even if you are not known for your ability to get things done.

Shepherd's Bush 2009 Scissor Fob
Kitted materials


Kathy said...

I like it with the two strands over two. Gives it a richer color.
Congrats on the finish and good luck helping your parents.

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

Great little, fob! Good for you for finishing the stitching.... now to do the turning it into a fob part! That's the part I hate.

doris said...

I have a story of my own about this fob which may never be shared in public. To shorten a long and sad tale, I'm gonna have to stitch the damn thing again.

Travel safely.

Danielle said...

I love Shepherd's Bush stuff. Can't wait to see how you finish this one into a fob. So, get cracking!!! Ha, ha.

Anonymous said...

You may have told us this before, but what kind of dog is Stella (from her sleeping pose it was a tad hard to tell).

Also, I thought you might like to know my post of Nov. 3 show cases funny sleeping dogs and I included a link to your post with Stella.

I wish you luck on the shopping local cusade, hard to do with needlework sometimes, and may try it myself.

Michelle said...

Love the little fob. And you are not the only one who has overlooked instructions staring them right in the face and then wondering why you've run out of thread. I think I need to stitch more SBs. They are always so sweet.