Friday, May 01, 2009

May Day

I wish I had pictures of myself frolicking on May Day in college. We had (they still have them, I just don't participate the same way) rather fabulous traditions for May Day. First the sophomores woke the seniors with a rousing pre-dawn rendition of "The Hunt is Up." Then the seniors in their best white dresses and skirts head up to the roof of one of the dorms and sing to the sun. We sang very traditional Magdalen Hymn to the Sun in Latin (hey, usually we sang in Greek) but kids these days sing all kinds of "sun" songs. Harumph. Then we breakfasted on strawberries and cream and mimosas. After convocation, the traditional maypole dances would be danced, and because it's a women's college, the "mayhole" would be danced around too. The ever-important hoop race ("rolling" hoops down the green) decides who will be the first to complete her PhD (first place) and who will be the first to marry (second place). Now you know why I love my college so much. Throughout the day there are all sorts of old and newer traditions--like performing the Robin Hood play which dates back to at least the turn of the last century--and other "festival" type things. The day ends with the last step sing of the year (all the students sing, class songs, class rounds and other traditional songs, some serious and others spoofs. Here's a songboook you can check out). Last but not least is the showing of Philadelphia Story starring our very own Kate '28.

But you come here for the stitching content, so let's review how I did with my goals this month:
  1. Donna's RR--yes, I still have about 25% to do, but I've made real progress
  2. Flea Market Souvenir--yes, I started the third section, though not very much
  3. one Saturday, work on French marquoir--sadly, no
  4. Have fun at camp and finish all the projects--fun, yes, finishes no. I still have one project I haven't even started. The other two are completed but not finished.
  5. Finish-finish one project from the to-be-finished pile--yes, see below. Not a very good angle, I'm afraid. He's much straighter IRL. I did my "patented" sew all four sides finish on the stitched piece. Then attached that to the pinked wool with two buttons. I knotted some hemp around the buttons for the hanger.

To the Maypole

To the maypole let us on,
The time is swift and will be gone.
Then come lasses to the green
Where their beauties may be seen.
All fair lasses have lads to attend them,
Jolly brave dancers who can amend them.
To the maypole let us on,
The time is swift and will be gone.

Come together, come sweet lass,
Let us trip it on the grass.
Courting, piping on the green,
The bravest lads will sure be seen
There all day on the first of May
Lads and lasses dance and play.
Come together, come sweet lass
Let us trip it on the grass.


mfbjr said...

Happy May Day!

Siobhan said...

Love your little snow guy!

Happy May day!

Leah said...

Nice finishing...I'm going to have to copy it.

doris said...

Wow! I'm amazed at the May Day festivities you had at school. At CU-Boulder we had CU Days the first week of May, right before finals started. We could buy t-shirts commemorating the week, which we wore with our cut-offs (if it was warm) or jeans (if it was snowing). It involved bands, crazy games, raucous celebration (read: alcohol), and the ever popular buffalo chip throwing contest. Hey, Colorado is the Wild West, after all.

Love the new snow guy.

Coni said...

Damnit, Gumby! I knew there was a reason I should have gone to a different school....your memories are so lovely. Thanks for sharing them!

mainely stitching said...

I for one love the May Day content!

Deb said...

Happy May Day! Sounds like you had great May Day fun in college! And love your Snow Guy!

Tanya said...

Happy May Day!!! I can see why you liked college so much. Snow man is cute!

Sharon said...

Your snow man finishing looks great!

C in DC said...

Happy belated May Day!

College traditions, especially at women's colleges are the best!

LadyDoc said...

AHA!!! If I'd been reading here longer I would probably have known sooner, but the library comment recently was a big hint and now, of course, I know for sure.

I went co-ed for college but my small girls' high school had many of the same kind of traditions- like white evening gowns with long gloves, carrying roses and wearing lily of the valley in our hair for graduation. There are marvelous traditions and memories in all-female education that I treasure.