Saturday, January 31, 2009

January Review

Thanks for your encouragement on the job front. It's always nice to have your support.

Indeed, we've had many setbacks this month:

  • Begin Flea Market Souvenir SAL 1/6--I did. Linda has zoomed past me!
  • Work on mermaid SAL--I did and then I had to undo it all :(
  • One Saturday, work on French marquoir --I had to read for my book group
  • Start one of the Sheepish Seasons Linda sent when I was injured--I didn't get to it, but I have some time now.
  • 10 hours on something from the WIP--I worked on Monthly Manias, November (photo soon)
  • Finish-finish one project from the to-be-finished pile--I did two. Since I was working on flatfolds, it was as easy to do two as one. Not totally crazy about the trim join. I used really fat trim and it was hard to overlap. Maybe I'll put a button or something on to distract from the join. See below.
  • Make an anniversary giveaway --Done and the lucky winner is...Danielle!

Flatfold finishes
On left: Trilogy Happy Bunny Bunny Day
On right: EE&F Plum Pudding

I forgot to photograph the backing fabric. Bunny is backed in pink roses, picking up the color of the heart. And the Pudding is backed in black and white gingham that I tea dyed so that it matches the base of the cake stand.


LadyDoc said...

These both look wonderful!

Glenna said...

This may sound weird, but, economic uncertainty or not, I envy you. Lord, I wish my place would off me. I'm thinking of that song where the lyrics go: "I'm no good for're no good for me...I'm gonna look you in the eye and..."[don't remember the rest from here]. 70s song, I think. Best of luck and do fun stuff. The good thing about all of us is that we're easily and cheaply (given the depth of the stash pile) entertained!

Linen Stitcher said...

I think "Happy Bunny" turned out rather fabulous. In fact, both finishes look just grand, but I must say, I've always been partial to rabbits in needlework.

By the way, I couldn't detect any deficiencies related to the overlapping on the trim. We're always hardest on our own handiwork, aren't we? Step back and admire them. Your work here is done.

Sharon said...

Both flatsfolds are lovely! I reallly like the EEF.

Anonymous said...

Super nice finishes!
I am going to work a little more on Flea Market Souvenir tonight. I am almost completely done with the part where the house is. Just need to fill in the windows and the door.

staci said...

I love your flatfold finishes! You've done a wonderful job on both!!

Danielle said...

I'm so glad I won your giveaway! I can't wait to receive it. And both of your flatfolds look great. I love bunnies.

doris said...

Ooooh, I have that bunny chart, and you've made me wanna stitch it. Nice job of finishing both of those cuties.