Thursday, January 01, 2009

In 2009

Remember back in 1999 when people were stockpiling food for the end of the world? Oh what a difference a decade makes...or not. I mean stockpiling doesn't seem like such a crazy thing to do in these economically challenging times.

Time marches on... though I refuse to age. Let's check out the New Year goals, shall we?

In 2009, I will

  1. Make sure that I am always happy stitching on a project. This means that if deadlines are stressing me out, I will change the goal. No more panicking
  2. Finish-finish more projects for myself. Last year I did 13, including ones I sent for framing and things I finished for gifts. This year, less framing, more alternative finishing. I'm going to shoot for 12 pieces from the finishing pile finished by myself for myself. I think that's specific enough!
  3. Mermaid SAL with Michelle. This is for my mom's 65th birthday, and if she's lucky it will be done in April. If it's not, it'll be a helluva Christmas gift.
  4. Flea Market Souvenir SAL with Linda and Rosa. (Someday I am going to Iceland. Really.)
  5. Put at least one Saturday a month into the French marquoir.
  6. Make a dent in the WIP pile. (I know I say this every year.) We'll talk more about this one later.


  1. Make tiny little changes to make myself healthier. Last November, I started taking my steroid inhaler twice a day like I am supposed to. It's made a real difference in my health. I know, those doctors spent all that time in medical school and learned something! Do you know how hard it is for me to comply with the doctor's orders? Not difficult at all. Other changes I can make: take all my meds as directed; eat more whole grain; drink more water; exercise 30 minutes every day. On that last one, Geggie's going to keep me honest.
  2. Find a new job. I know, I gushed about this one. How could I need a new one already? I still love how friendly everyone is, and I like the people very much. It's just that my boss and I come to the story from different angles--he's a journalist and I come to this writing-thing via the academy. He thinks my writing requires too much editing. These things happen, I guess. I've never met anyone who didn't like my writing this much. I am working hard to make this work, but...
This post is ending on a downbeat note and the dude thinks I should try to be more positive in 2009. If he's willing to bring his shirts to the cleaners every week (instead of growing a pile of dirty shirts in the corner of the bedroom to harvest every 3 weeks), being positive--which seems very unnatural--is the least I can do.

To all of you and yours much good health and happiness in 2009.



Kathryn said...

I wanted to take this opportunity to say how much I enjoyed reading your blog in 2008. I hope 2009 is even better than you imagined it could be. Best Always, KD

karenv said...

Good luck with your 2009 goals. I enjoy reading even though I rarely comment - Happy New Year to you and the dude :)

Anonymous said...

Well, until you make it over here, at least we can SAL together! I am really looking forward to it and I know Rósa is too :)

Thank you so much for your friendship in 2008 and here is hoping for an even greater friendship in 2009!

Love from me and the girls!

Sarah said...

I'm with karenv - I mostly read, rarely comment, and the link to my blog is the one I use to... comment. When I do.

I know what you mean about the job thing. Mine's great, my boss is an improvement... but in my case, I don't want to keep doing what I'm doing. Oh well!

Anonymous said...

Add me to the "always read, rarely comment" group. I enjoy your blog so much and hope the New Year is in all ways perfect for you.

Mary Eman
PS Speaking as an unwillingly unemployed person, a job in hand is worth two in the bush. (Pardon the mangled adage!)

Patti said...

I just wanted to wish you and 'the dude' a Happy & Healthy New Year. Lots of Love Patti xxx

mainely stitching said...

Sorry to hear about the job woes, but happy to hear that you're taking things in hand (though I expect no less from you!).

Thanks for the gorgeous card that I received in yesterday's mail. You are SO damned talented!

Sharon said...

Happy New Year Nikki! Wishing you and The Dude health and happiness! I received my card and it was beautiful! Thank you for lovely thread too.

Megan said...

Happy New Year! So sorry to hear that the job is not as great as hoped - my fingers are crossed you find one better suited to you soon.