Sunday, October 02, 2016

Small SAL - Biscornu

It's nice to be missed! Thanks for all your comments. This week is a little less scheduled but there is a party coming up soon! And work to be done for that. This business of being old(er) is hard. ;)

For Heather's Small SAL, I chose Lizzie*Kate's Hoot, a limited edition biscornu and fob. And half a biscornu is better than none. I started this on the appointed day, and have spent the rest of the month--and more!--finishing it. Thus I decided each side of the biscornu could be a finish for this SAL.

So let's review this month.

  1. Waldorff, Homespun Sampler--finished page two
  2. Mary's Stocking, SB--closing in on a finish
  3. Wisteria Snowman, SB--she has a head!
  4. Our Souls, Midsummer Night Designs --a tiny bit of progress
  5. Christian's Stocking, SB--some good progress
  6. Cinnamon Stars, Plum Street--just a bit, but no photo
  7. Small #9--yes!
  8. Lovebird, JABC--no, see above
  9. I haven't decided yet what to put here. I may call audible on game day.--found Ladybug, Ladybug but didn't stitch on it
  10. Tis the Season, Blackbird--and also no.
In October I hope to stick to my Molly rotation with the same line-up, including Ladybug, Ladybug at Number 9. I also plan to have a fun and happy birthday in two weeks (give or take).


Chocolates4Breakfast (Terri Malinovich) said...

Love your stitched piece and your philosophy of the 4 sides equaling 4 finishes! Stitching math! Yep, getting old(er) is hard but parties are fun!

Needle Nicely said...

And we are rapidly approaching our joint birthday--may your day be even more marvelous than your expectations! I always enjoy reading about your stitching and life experiences. May there be many more.

Melinda Forbes said...

This is a perfect small finish. Love seeing all of your rotation projects each month

Pamela said...

Cute biscornu piece!

Irene said...

Wow, I love your biscornu!!

Justine said...

Love your half a biscornu!

Robin in Virginia said...

I really like the little blackbirds in the corners of your finish. Sending along early birthday greetings; hope your day is spectacular!

Julie said...

Nice side for your biscornu

Bea said...

Love the little biscornu - and your math!

Sheryl said...

Gorgeous biscornu design, love the birdies.

jhm said...

I got to spend my birthday doing jury duty. Hope your goes much better!

Sun City Stitcher said...

Love the biscornu and agree on the finishing!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Love the biscornu. Are they blackbirds or very short fat crows?