Friday, June 26, 2015

Boys Boys Boys

You know how I'm always complaining that men get so much attention for doing "women's work?"

Brief review for those who answered no:
New York Magazine hates that too. (The video is kind of awesome, but you should read the article.)


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

It's no good, we'll all have to take up chainsaw wood sculpture to get into the news!

Anonymous said...

it might be a matter of time, but the fact that I grew up with David Bowie leaves me completely indifferent to men wearing makeup - I mean, do they want to do it for fun, fine. do they want to try it out on a daily basis, fine. do they want to use my super expensive stuff to play with, not fine.
all the same, whatever these guys seem to find out (I had already seen the video about a month ago, when I binge watched all this buzz feed stuff, by the way, did you see the one where they turn into transgenders for the day?) it's always more or less the ABCs they just cluelessly avoided to think about until they were made to.
should we level down and play their game? don't think so. although I will say I watched the buzz feed girls try out shaving and wearing men's underwear. and yes, there's the matching one with guys wearing thongs.

C in DC said...

Author Jim C Hines took on Sci-fi covers as a counterpoint to all of this.