Tuesday, June 30, 2015

June Wrap Up

June Goals:
  • Wedding Row--I've finished the words and the hearts. I just have to finish the swirls and the dingbats, which I will work on until it's done, since I have to give it to someone on July 14.
  • Our Souls--didn't get to it.
  • Small: October Sampler, this was lots of fun to stitch with all the speciatly stitches. I do have to attach some beads in the center of the backstitches around the 14. Why 14? It's my birth date. I considered putting 15 there for the year I finished, but then I thought people who knew my birthday might question it. It makes it mine!
For July, I've chosen some Christmas designs to stitch. I don't know why I love the idea of Christmas in July so much. I remember the first time I was introduced to this concept. We were on a vacation in Upstate New York. Which was unusual because the plan had been to go to Washington, DC. And we did. But my father had voted* for New York wine country for our vacation and since he was driving, our last few days took us to New York. There was a little craft fair that advertised "Christmas in July!" and my mom was into crafts, so we stopped.

July Goals:
  • Shining Star, SamSarah (finish)
  • Tis the Season, Blackbird 
  • Wisteria Snowman, Shepherd's Bush
  • Winter Row, Bent Creek
  • Small
*We used to vote on where to take the family vacation. Everyone would make presentations about a place, and then we'd all vote. My mother always won because my sister always voted for her plan. I think she was worried if she didn't vote to go with my mother, she'd have to go somewhere on her own. I always presented on Mexico, which, you can see why nobody voted for (dead of summer).


Delphyne said...

I love the idea of Christmas in July, too. It's a great way to get some things done early.

Beth said...

How democratic to vote on vacation destinations! Mexico in February would have won for sure!

Beth W said...

Yay for closing in on more smalls! I love the concept of the whole family getting to vote on a vacation location, although I'm sorry Mexico never won.

Linda said...

Great finish Nikki.


Margaret said...

Fun that you still take vacations with your parents. Last year was the first vacation we'd taken with my sister and her family and my father and his wife. it was fun.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Lovely October sampler. Hubby's birthday is the 13th. I like Librans; my mum, my nana and I all married Librans and my daughter-in-law will too!

Christmas in July is a new concept to me since I discovered blogging.