Thursday, September 25, 2008

Fiber Artist a Genius and Other News

Mary Jackson--a fiber artist, a Gullah-descended basket weaver to be precise--has been awarded a MacArthur fellowship aka "the genius grant."

Whatever you do, don’t miss the HungaMunga festival. Just so you can say HungaMunga. And stitch up that bollocks sign for me, will ya?

Did you lose something? Someone found your cross stitch. (Pudding Bag Lane? And people made fun of me when I lived on Honey Brook Lane? At least Winnie the Pooh was my neighbor!)

Is cross-stitch a dying art? Or popular trend?

How come when men do it it’s news?

Pictures are "just pretty" but a dishcloth is something you’d choose to knit? (People are going to inundate me with knit dishcloths, aren’t they?)

Her friends stitched for her, but the real headscratcher here is “duodecimal system”? I guess the—very young--writer missed the day when they covered fact checking in j-school.

Every once in a while, you get the craziest articles from Google. A lot of obits where the old lady loved her some cross-stitch. The occasional article about high school cross-country where someone gets a stitch. And then this (warning: contains nipples).


Nic said...

Loved the links. Did you see in the Exton Show one there were two cooking classes for men, and one for women?

'Swinfen Tankard (highest-scoring man) – Kit Swinfen
Wooden Spoon (Victoria sandwich made by a man) – Alan Reeve'

And as for street names - I get off the bus to work at Dead Man's Hole Lane - creepy not cute :o)

So it's not only news when men cross stitch, but when they cook, too...

As for the dishcloth knitter ... it takes her a 'few nights' to produce a dishcloth? Is she a three toed sloth? Or am I fast knitter? (I'm using dishcloth patterns to make squares for an afgfhan and they don't take me nearly as long ...)

Barbara said...

Hm. Interesting assortment. But now I'm all freaked out about nipples falling off unexpectedly. :0

Donna said...

Very interesting collection of browsing results. I got excited for a moment about the Leesburg exhibit until I figured out it was Leesburg, FL not VA.

LadyDoc said...

Duodecimal???? Yeah, that goes along with the article where the EGA teaches it's "trade".

vee said...

Cross stitch as a dying art or popular trend? Interesting. It is known as an obsession at my house!