Friday, April 14, 2006

Or Something Like That...

"Outstanding" by John Ryan
From, the Redding, (northern) CA paper

Not bad for a guy who also has a mean counter-cross stitch, skills he showed en route to a December tournament.
Spoon says he didn't actually see Schaub break out the needles -- he resigned to a different van after losing to Schaub in a battle of wills for "shotgun" -- but he heard all about it.
"People were calling me from the other van saying that Alex was crocheting from 'my' front seat," Spoon chuckled. "I actually saw his finished work, it was pretty good."
His coaches were just as ... impressed.
"Yeah, I didn't find out about that until we went down to Vacaville," Elliott said. "We stopped and ate, and one of my assistant coaches, my JV coach gets in the van and says, 'You know what Alex is doing right now?'"
Elliott said it was an ongoing razz for the rest of the year.
"Yeah, he was my first (knitter) and maybe my last," Elliott said. "Unless there are some more Alex Schaubs out there ... doubt it, though, with that kind of talent.

Apparently the young man also drives the puck hard when he shoots the baskets. I understand that boys get confused about "women's work." My dad refers to my stitching as "knitting." Isn't it amazing, thought, that some of us girls manage to remember the rules of football, basketball, hockey, soccer, and baseball. (Although the infield fly rule does boggle the mind...) And we remember these rules all while we are playing at counter (sic) cross-stitch.

Extra points to she who can answer this headscratcher: which form of needlework does the young man do?


Cheryl in DC said...

Thanks for a late Friday laugh. Counter cross stitch: is that when you stitch \\\ then /// when you normally start ///? (very big grin)

We should all leave comments for Mr. Ryan. Poor Alex can't be happy with this write up either.

amy! said...


Red said...

Love your humor!!! I have been following your blog the past few weeks and came across this book mentioned in another blog...thought you might be interested if you haven't seen it already. I too am in search of the "perfect" craft room...Title:
Where Women Create: Inspiring Work Spaces of Extraordinary Women
by Jo Packham, Brad Mee
I found it at Barnes and Noble's web site.

Lelia said...

My son 'hides' his stitching talent from most of the students at his school. (actually, both of my boys keep silent about stitching)

My FIL enjoyed rug hooking, needlepoint, plastic canvas, etc. My FIL swore it was helpful for his arthritic hands. I think he just enjoyed it.