Monday, December 31, 2012

Year End

When I worked in my grandfather's office, I remember how crazy everyone would get when we were running year end. Fortunately, those days are behind me. I find this stock taking to be so pleasurable.

What I set out to do:
  1. Start nine new projects in my Modified Crazy January Challenge.--I started nine and finished five
  2. Finish 1/3 of my WIPs, or six. -- Only three
  3. Expand my freelance business, including getting my website running by January 31.--Instead, I decided to focus on getting back to work full-time. I had a wonderful experience working at a local college on a temporary basis. And there's a thing that looks good, keep fingers crossed. Or make a novena, either one.
  4. Read more, at least 25 books and preferably from our shelves.--Done!
  5. See one movie a month. We are woeful in our movie-going. So many things we want to see come and go before we know it.--We did it! There were still movies we missed but far fewer of them. Let's face it, it's impossible to see everything!
  6. Do two punch needle pieces.--Not so much. I have all the materials in one room now. But I'm going to have to find a refresher course.

2012 Finishes:

Bent Creek, Red Holly Berries
Bookmark for a friend
JBW, English Plum Pudding
Shepherd's Bush, Red Snowman
Carriage House, Curse of the Raven
Lizzie*Kate, Snowman '10
A little two hour piece
Pine Mountain, Being Together
Sisters and Best Friends, Button Border Pumpkin
Shepherd's Bush, Poor Robin
Bent Creek, Snowman Stocking
Hands to Work, Love, Me
Just Nan, Owl Winder Pocket
Miss Crescent's Crown, JCS Ornament
Lizzie*Kate, Peace Oranment
Plum Street Sampler, Halloweenies
Kincavel Krosses, bat

Sure it's only 17 projects but did you see that I completed a craft project every day during National Craft Month? (Actually in 2010 and 2011, I only finished 15, so it looks like I'm on track!) Not a bad year.


Nicola said...

Well done Anna, what sort of businss do you have?

Michele said...

Happy New Year! Lovely finishes ... hope 2013 is grand!

Giovanna said...

Well done, and a very happy stitchy 2013 to you!

Beth said...

Congrats - I think it was a most successful crafty, movieish, bookish year for you. Best of luck on the job front too.

Chris said...

I think thatyou had a great stitching year! Beautiful projects. I also really enjoyed your craft a day month.
Happy New Year!

Coral said...

You did so well! I don't know what I achieve. I really should write down my finishes!

barbara said...

I'd say you did great!

Anonymous said...

What an awsome accomplishment in so many different areas!! Kudos! I don't think I have ever tackled a list like that before.
Keep us posted as you go along on your journey.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I love all the round-up posts. The photo collages are great too. I really should work out how to do one!

I enjoyed the craft-a-day month too. Are you doing it again this year?

Sharon said...

It looks like a great year to me! Congrats on the 17 fabulous finishes!