Sunday, March 25, 2012

Two Project Post

I didn't have it in me to post yesterday. How is it that vacation always makes one more tired?

I stitched this Pine Mountain kit on the way to the airport. It's a good thing I had it with me because we got stuck in Traffic-with-a-capital-T. There was an accident on one major road we take to the airport, and when we finally got off that road it was smooth sailing. When we were in the middle of Sunshine Skyway, my father said we had 30 minutes to go. Our flight was at 7:35, and it was 6:05. Not great but not bad. Of course we ended up in more traffic and arrived at the airport at 6:50. My sister put our tickets through, the machine accepted them, and my mother asked the woman at the desk if we would make it.
"When's the flight?"
"But the machine just took our tickets."

She sees our baggage claim tickets have printed; she takes our bags, hands us our receipts, and shouts, "GO!"

We thought for sure we'd get held up going through security but there were only eight people in line. Which stops moving when we arrive. Because some little shit ass brat brought a knife with him. And for some reason, they have to stop xraying bags until a  supervisor can look at it. (Because opening the bag is above the agent's pay grade, or what?) In the end, we had time to get food and perform necessary functions before we got on the plane. I don't recommend cutting it that close, but if you do, make sure you have a project with you! It will keep you calm.

Yesterday I made this bird's nest charm. I'm very pleased with how this came out. If I did it again, I'd use only three beads. I think it's a little easier to make a circle around three beads. This would be a nice charm for a mother; you could use pearls and gemstones the color of her little chicks' birthstones. I used a creamy pearl, a gold stone bead, an amethyst bead, and some kind of green bead because it's what I had hanging around.


Jennifer said...

I dig that bird's nest charm. I would like to do one in silver wire with pearls, even though I am not big on pearls, because I like how it looks. Or maybe one with pale blue robin's egg blue beads.

Anonymous said...

Which Airport were you going to ... I was once a gate agent at Tamp International airport, and I remember many a white knuckled traveler coming from off the skyway.

Love the Nest and the x stitch. I need to get started on Christmas stuffs

Arthemise said...

I love the little charm! I only have one egg in my nest. It would look a little lonely.

Not looking forward to the day when I have to get back on a plane. It's been about nine years.

doris said...

Whew! Truly a close call. Swell job on turning it into accomplishing something.

Prairie Patch Quilts said...

I really like the way you finished the cross stitch with the fabric strips. It looks great.

The Queen Bee said...

I am reading and catching up in reverse...all your crafty-ness is inspiring. I like the bird's nest the best...most notably the idea to use birthstones. I have 3 kids...conveniently enough...April, July and November if you're feeling the urge. Just kidding. Cute, though.