Saturday, January 21, 2012

Another CJC Start

Red Holly Berries, Bent Creek
Thanks for the overwhelming response for the goods I'm parting with. I hate to think how many patterns I just let the organizer take from the craft room. But if you are in the western suburbs of Philadelphia, you should start haunting the Goodwill. There is a P. Buckley Moss pattern worth $25 that I never put on eBay heading to a thrift store near you.

Last week at Old Lady Stitching, I finished the Bent Creek sampler. It was nearly done, and those old broads like it when I finish things. (Whenever I have a new project, they ask if I finished the last obsessive!) This also means I am hiding my new starts from them. I'm working on just one project which is seriously eating into the fun of being a serial starter.

I also started Holiday Sparrow's Tall Guys Christmas. The fabric I'm working it on is much greener than this photograph shows. I think it's 35-count Weeks but I have no recollection of the color. I'll see what I can find out about that.

It's slick and slippery out there, and I have walked the dog. My only other chore today is to make dinner. Let the stitch-ass set in!


riona said...

I really have to put my glasses on before I start reading blogs. I quickly glanced at the first photo and admired it, then went on to read the text. What's that she says? Holly and Berries Sampler?What the h...! You mean those green things weren't turtles? And I went back and looked at the photo more carefully and saw holly leaves, not turtles.

Robin said...

Love those little Bent Creek samplers! What a sweet finish. There's nothing like the uninitiated to take the joy out of serial starting. Just leads to closet starting! LOL!

Shelleen said...

Cute finish!

Donna said...

I love your Bent Creek sampler, it has turned out very well!!!

Siobhán said...

Sweet finish! I like your new start, too.

doris said...

Love that finish. So funny that you hide your starts from the old ladies.