Thursday, October 25, 2012

Last Thing I'll Say about the Auction

Auction auction auction...I've been eating, sleeping, breathing, living this thing. (It will not be officially over until the last of the cash changes hands and the thank you notes are written, but I digress.) I thought you might like to see how the tree came out since I teased you with the ornaments the ladies had knitted.

Here's how the tree looked the night of the auction.  Last year, it was stuck in a corner--where the only electrical outlet was located--and only two of us who frequent Tea and Stitch bid on it. This year it had pride of place and got lots of action--even from people who don't know the ladies who made the ornaments. Still, it was won by the library director. It made about $40 more than last year as well. (Overall we made about $500 more dollars than last year.)
This is how I chose to finish the Lizzie*Kate ornament. I used Vonna's tutorial and went with three layers of felt because that green doesn't really match--which someone at Tea and Stitch pointed out. (Nice.)

Oh, and you can just get a peek of the knitted garland. It's stretched tight--a guy put the tree together--but I wasn't messing with it once he finished. Not my management style.
I made four of these button ornaments. I used about 700 pins in these suckers and loads of buttons. I spent way more on these than I should have...but people loved them. These would be a great gift for a sewing--or stitching, quilting, crafty--friend. You can make them while you watch tv.
I also made four of these scrappy ornaments. You might recognize the balls from this wedding ornament project. It's the same principle but you use scrapbooking paper (or scraps) in the ball. I used about five whole sheets of 12x12 paper in these four ornaments. That dark burgundy dotted paper really overwhelmed the scheme so I used a lot less of it.

You may be wondering what happened to the other two ornaments I stitched up. Let's just say that all that eating, sleeping, breathing, living the auction got in the way. I have quite a head start on next year's tree.

This tree was put together with lots of contributions. I couldn't have done it without my Tea and Stitch ladies. They're the best!


Real Live Woman said...

Great job on the ornaments! Do you have a tutorial for the button ornament or am I overthinking it? Styrofoam ball, buttons and pins? I couldn't tell if there was ribbon wrapped around part of the Styrofoam.

C in DC said...

Great tree. Great ornaments. Will the Director leave the tree in the Library for the season?

Anonymous said...

Fabulous looking tree! Your ornaments turned out great.

Robin in Virginia

Anna van Schurman said...

Don't overthink the button ornament! Pin the buttons onto the styrofoam ball. Put glue on the pin that you stick through the ribbon/hanger. The balls I used were abour 2.5" in diameter.

Deb said...

That tree is really great with all the different ornaments. I might have to try a button ornament. I have a bazillion in a tin that my grandmother left behind and that I didn't know what to do with. Those ornaments look like the perfect thing.

Coral said...

I love these little ornaments. I'm hoping to get my (sometimes cranky) boss to agree to Lena and me making a few for our shop Xmas tree.

Sherry :o) said...

Congrats on a successful auction. Love the garland. The quilt/man calendar is a hoot. And once again, love your review of the ornament issue.

Dani - tkdchick said...

I'm in the process of organizing a live and silent auction to fundraise for our initiatives in the Dominican Republic, its a lot of work!

Jennifer said...

Beautiful tree! The ornaments turned out great, but I have a special fondness for button ones. I still have a few more left from my grandmother in law - I might have to try that.