Sunday, June 05, 2011

Stitching with a Younger Set

Thank you so much for your kind wishes for my speedy recovery. I appreciate all your comments and messages.

On Friday, I had packed my lunch to go to old lady stitching at the library (we have lunch together on first Fridays). While I was at the hairdresser, Catherine called. As soon as I was out of the chair, I returned her call. She and some of our friends from Chadds Ford stitching were getting together. Would I like to join them?

We had a delightful lunch of peppery chicken salad made by Brett. (You remember Brett--the one who brought all her charts with her when we met at Strawberry Sampler?) Delish. We also had chips and potato salad and some of Catherine's mother's pickles. Yum...homemade pickles.

Small House, by Brown House Studio
JCS, April 2003
After we ate, we settled down to stitching. Catherine was working on Cinnamon Heart's (remember them?) Strawberry Sampler. She was doing the single strawberry. I didn't even know I owned the chart she was stitching until she showed it to me. (I never recognize the "secondary chart" some designers include. Good thing someone does!) Brett was stitching a Sampler Girl chart that I didn't immediately recognize. I can't tell you what Eileen was working on, mostly because I have a mind like a sieve but also because she was on the other side of the table from me. I worked some on the dude's anniversary present, but as it turns out, my hand does have some limitations*. I can hold the fabric, just not for long. 

I was a little out of it anyway. I think I was fighting off an infection. I had a slight fever (not high enough to warrant a doctor visit) and I've been pretty sleepy since Wednesday. (I am getting better, though, and even my temperature is back to normal.)

Catherine, who must have very high standards, told me that I couldn't tell you about the dust and vacuuming she says she neglected, but I couldn't tell you if I wanted to. I was ogling her walls. This is a very clever ploy used by many stitchers. You decorate with all of your masterpieces, and whenever other stitchers come over, you don't have to vacuum because they are too busy checking out your stitching. Catherine is one of these. She has tons of stitching on her walls (even in the bathroom) and little vignettes of smalls.  It took all of my good manners not to beg to be taken on a tour of her stitching house. (But if I get to go next time, I'll bring my spy camera and show you all. Or maybe we can just get her to give a tour on her blog.) Thanks again, Catherine!

*I also keep forgetting that I am injured and pressing down with my hand. D'oh.


Gabi said...

Being now very curious to see the pictures of Catherine's stitching. And I'm so jealous that you have so many stitchers living close by and can have nice meetings. That must be lovely.
Crossing fingers that your hand will heal fast :)

Mouse said...

ooo sounds a lovely meet up and looking at others stitching is wonderful isn't it and I like Catherine's ploy .. must try it heheh. hope the hand is getting better and not so ouchie :) take care and happy stitching love mouse xxxx

Peggy Lee said...

OK that settles next trip to that area will include a trip to Catherine's house! As for Brett, we would get in to trouble if we hung around too much.
And I've just got to meet you too. Wish I had you guys all here for a stitchin' good time.

Take care of that hand. I recently ran my finger along the cutting edge of my Saran wrap box. That HURT!!

riona said...

Take it easy with that hand ... I know pampering it would be annoying and boring ... but resuming regular activities too quickly will likely cause a lengthier recovery time.

Alice said...

I sure hope that hand heals soon. Can I just say that your latest post (Maggie the wedding edition) can't be found? (or so they say) I love my Maggie stories!

Maggie said...

You are so lucky to be able to meet up with fellow stitchers, i'm begining to wonder if i am the only stitcher in my area, i've looked for meet-ups but never found any - perhaps i should set up my own!

Glad the hand is healing.

Catherine said...

So glad you could make it!! It pays to always have a stitching bag packed and ready - you never know when you'll get the call. And you know my secret....I only invite stitchers to my need to clean up much then. Hope you are feeling better!

Eileen said...

Glad we could have some stitchy time. I needed it! Glad you figured out why you weren't feeling good too. BTW I was stitching Sampler Cove Double Dutch. Hope to see you soon.