Monday, June 06, 2011

Maggie Monday: The Wedding Edition

Good news, the mystery lurgy symptoms that I displayed at Catherine's have been identified! The other night I noticed that the injection site for my tetanus shot was red and swollen. So I went to google "tetanus shot side effects." Here's what the CDC said: redness and swelling at the injection site (check), soreness a the injection site (check), mild fever (check), headaches (check), fatigue (check). At least I didn't infect anyone at stitching.

Now let's turn to our favorite Monday, topic:

At my sister's wedding, many of the married women shared memories of their own weddings. My mother and aunt had some stories about Maggie's wedding planning strategies.

My mother's reception was to be held at a place where Maggie was working as a waitress. It was a very popular reception spot, so my mother had no problem with it. Shortly before the invitations went out, however, Maggie quit. And she took the wedding party with her. She unilaterally changed the reception location and then made my mother cross out the reception on the invitation and handwrite the new location. My mother was mortified. (Imagine yourself at 22.)

My aunt, however, was given one choice in her late November wedding. "Besides the groom, unfortunately," she quipped. (They've been married for over 40 years.) Should the dinner be chicken or ham? She chose chicken. She had ham. Maggie's reasoning: "It's too close to Thanksgiving to serve chicken."

I'm sure loads of you will have mama drama to share. The comments are open!


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

My Mum is actually fine, it's the advantage of having a younger Mum, they seem to be less embarassing! My Nana was a different matter - for my first wedding my Mum took her shopping and bought a whole new outfit, dress, coat, shoes etc. Nana assured her she had a hat already. Unfortunately Mum didn't check the hat and Nana wore a teacosy thing!

Catherine said...

Well, glad to know you didn't infect any of us!! As always, I love Maggie Mondays!

Deb said...

You don't want to get me started on my mom. We'd be here for weeks! Hope you're feeling better.

casute gradina said...

These are very good news that you feel better, i`m so happy for you. Did you enjoyed the wedding?

VegasJilly said...

I was just recently married in may. My mother had zero interest in my wedding until two weeks before when she called and "offered" to pay for flowers. This after my fiance and I went totally non foral for our wedding and i spent the last year completely diying my wedding bouquet from hand embroidered felt flowers and buttons.

Apparently, according to my grandmother and mother, you are not "allowed" to have a wedding without flowers, or a band, or a bouquet toss and all the other things we decided were not necessary....and omg, the best man is a woman?!?!

Thankfully, they were wise enough to be quiet on my wedding day.

Jennifer said...

I'm with Deb. Don't get me started on my mom. Although I do have a wedding related Mama Drama story to relate...

My mother is an accomplished seamstress and can sew just about anything. She had little interest in my wedding except to torture me about it, so I asked her to be involved in the one thing I knew she'd love to do - help me with my veil. I wanted a simple veil with a rhinestone edging on it. I saw them for sale, but they were expensive for something I figured was very easy for my mom to do.

When I told her my idea, she said it was too difficult. I found patterns and tutorials, all marked easy / beginner, and she continued to insist it was not something she could do. This went on for weeks - I could not understand how a woman who could sew complicated dress patterns would have a hard time with a beaded edging.

Finally, I pressed her on it and she came clean. She was pissed we weren't getting married in her church and simply refused to make the veil. Thanks, Mom. Knew I could count on you.