Monday, December 06, 2010

Maggie: The Eating Edition

We had gone to Florida to visit my cousin--my mother, my aunt, my grandmother, sissy and I. We were out to dinner, I think just four of us. Maybe my aunt and cousin were doing something else? Maybe Sissy had already gone home? Clearly we had stayed too long. We were at dinner and Maggie asks if someone wants to split dinner with her. Usually my aunt does, but we were at a place where she wanted something specific and my grandmother didn't like it. My mother also wanted to get something my grandmother didn't like. I can eat for two on a good day, so I rarely share (though I probably should). We told her to get what she wanted. She got all pissy:

"I don't eat like you people."

And yes, it's a term of abuse around these parts now.


Alice said...

Another gem. I particularly love the 'you people' which automatically makes it an insult.

Glenna said...

I love it. My mother uses "you people" in exactly the same way--it conveys a world of disdain.

Caroline said...

Ahhhh Maggie. May I be as awesome as you one day.