Monday, December 06, 2010

How the Grinch Was Won Over by Who-ville

Tonight, at family dinner, I was shamed into putting up the Christmas tree (a tree--I may yet put up my "handmade" tree). Fortunately, the shamers were willing to lend a hand, and I had help schlepping the boxes up from the basement; the tree was put up before I knew it; and I got to do just the fun stuff (putting on the ornaments). Of course I threatened them with having to take down the tree on a Sunday in January.

I have to say that dinner went swimmingly tonight. I usually am out of my head and off my feet trying to get the house cleaned and three courses on the table. I'm exhausted and unable to enjoy dinner. But this week, I decided to start early. I did the bulk of the housecleaning on Friday. On Saturday I made dessert (pumpkin bars with cream cheese frosting) and the appetizer (Southwest corn dip) and did a tiny bit more cleaning. On Sunday I brought the dog to the park and vegged until people arrived. This was why I was so agreeable when Jersey chided me for being Scrooge. The Grinch? Whoever. We're going to Florida for Christmas, why put up a tree? But everyone was willing to put in the effort. So now we have some decorations pointing toward winter holidays.

You may think that I've taken a lot of time away from my gift-making schedule. And you'd be right. Unfortunately, the sewing machine clattered to a halt again on Thursday. I broke four needles in a row--a whole pack! I guess I'm a slow learner. The needle seems to be contacting the shuttle.  Despite this setback, I am buoyed by your wonderful comments about what I've made so far and I am confident that I will finish some of the sewn gifts on Wednesday at quilting class. I am hopeful the machine will be ready soon or that maybe I can get a loaner. We'll see this afternoon.


staci said...

Hurray for help from your Christmas elves! You definitely need to make them help you put it all away afterwards!

xeyedmary said...

Super bowl Sunday- they can't watch the game until they take down the tree! (PSST: I haven't put mine up yet either!)
Your sewing machine- could you possibly have loaded the bobbin in the shuttle with the thread winding the wrong way? Also check for clumps of lint throwing alignment off? I hope you're back in business soon- the bags are awesome!

Alice said...

I'm glad you got your tree up; it looks very festive!
It is also very nice that you got to enjoy Sunday dinner, dessert sounds yummy!

valerie said...

Your tree looks great! It's always easier when you have helpers. I'm being a scrooge this year. The wreath is on the door and that's about the extent of it!

Michelle said...

The tree looks great - I am still in scrooge mode at my house. Maybe soon. Jersey is welcome to come over and help me too.