Friday, February 18, 2011

Almost Crazy Finish

Whoop-de-doo. It's almost the end of February and I have managed to (almost) finish one of my Crazy January starts. (Just needs some more beads and green jazzy back-stitching. I need to stitch more and fret less.

Today with my old ladies, someone brought in craft supplies that another woman has been hoarding since the mid1950s. Nemesis began sorting them. She opened a box of pysansky egg decorating supplies. "This is for Nikki," she declared. I wasn't sure if it was a gift or a punishment. I mean, wtf? Why is it for me? I asked my neighbor. She responded that she has found that it is best not to argue with Nemesis. Anyway, the (complete) kit was packaged with a book from 1957. People, I wasn't even born! I thanked her and took it. I told my neighbor I might buy pysansky to bring in at Easter, but I am not making them. I gave the kit back to the librarian who knows just the person to give it to.

Speaking of old ladies, I realize we are getting closer and closer to Maggie's 89th birthday and I am no closer to having a post office box for her. I have decided you should mail your cards to me by March 7th, and I will send them on to her. I will send this information to all who responded to early posts. If you didn't respond, do so now and I'll let you know where to send the card. Not sure who this Maggie character is? Check her out.

Stitching tonight. Have to clean up around here so that things will go more smoothly this weekend when I host the gang for Sissy's birthday dinner. We're having Smoky Chipotle Chili Con Queso Mac per Sissy's request; the kids (and Jersey) are getting Tex-Mex Mac n Cheddar (with the beef but without the peppers). We're starting with PW's olive cheese bread which my sister loves. In fact, that's in my freezer all made up as we speak. Listen to me yammer on ... this joint ain't getting any cleaner.


Peggy Lee said...


I'm using it today!

Alice said...

Nice almost finish! Your dinner menu sounds yummy; hope it goes well and everyone has a great time.

Susan said...

Hope you have a good time at the Ford tonight! I'm having my own Friday Night Sew-In at my house.

coral said...

please send me maggies address xxxx

coral said...

we were lucky enough to be given the same giveaway treat @ 'lace making' (i don't , I am there for the company). I was given 6 balls of crochet cotton, marked R1.99, I saw them last week for R50.00! i'd love to know how old they are!

Lama Works said...

Just wanted to say thanks for posting a link to my blog for the Tex Mex Mac and Cheese :) I'm always curious as to how people get to my blog - fun to see that it's from you and that people are actually reading it!