Monday, December 13, 2010

Maggie Monday: The Eating Edition II

Maggie, my mother, and I were--for a reason lost to time--in the wild suburbs of Boston. Okay, we were somewhere between Boston and New Hampshire. I was starving. No one else was particularly hungry. We drive by a Thai place. I suggested we pull in and we did. As we walk up, my grandmother gets all moody.

"I don't like thigh food."

So now we have a law in the family, if you can't pronounce it, you can't make decisions about where we eat. (Don't worry about the old lady, there were special provisions at the restaurant--they also served Chinese food and somehow she ended up with fried chicken. Go figure.)

Phew. The dude and I did our Christmas shopping in two hours yesterday. He doesn't like to give people only something I've made, not because the things I make suck, but rather because it seems like a gift from me alone. (I keep telling him I'm spending his money on supplies, but he isn't buying it.) So even though these are the "from him" part of the gift, he likes to have my input. Frankly, I should stop making gifts period. I think it's costing us too much. Though I should be happy that he hates shopping so much we can get the whole job banged out in 120 minutes. I did abandon the idea of making gifts for two of my nephews. Their mother refuses to tell me what they are into, so they get what they get. This year it's Blokus for one and Amazing Cows with a stuffed cow for the other. I am down to eight more presents and four of them should be done by tomorrow.

Forgive me for not visiting your blog this week. My hair is on fire.


Alice said...

So funny! The only food I seem to like is thigh food... and I have the thighs to prove it. I think you must be completely on fire to be that close to finishing all those presents.

The Queen Bee said...

My kids like Blokus but Amazing Cow is new to me. Thigh food! Yeah, I don't like thigh food either, but I mean the kind that sticks to my thighs! She's too funny.


Sherry :o) said...

I agree with Alice - thai food finds my thighs with all the other food around!

Love the story.

I don't make gifts for most anymore - some just didn't appreciate the time, effort or creativity...but those that appreciate it, it's a priceless gift!

Siobhan said...

LOL about the thigh food! In this part of Ireland, the 'th' sound is often made like a 't' sound. Our neighbor is Matthew--said like "Macchew" by his family, who are trying to say the th but just can't. Another neighbor is very prim and prides herself on not talking like a local. She says all her th sounds properly, but misses the mark on Thai food... and calls it Thigh food... in a very hoity-toity voice. I try very hard not to laugh hysterically as I pronounce my 'rt' sounds as if they were Ds instead. :P