Friday, September 17, 2010

SBQ: September, Or You Weirdo

Today's library stitching was a laugh riot. Josephine told us the story about heading up to the mountains at Labor Day to stay in a cabin with her sister. "I'll bring the food," Josephine tells her. She packs up cheese and crackers, candy, lunch meat, rolls, fruits and veggies. And takes the two hour drive (probably longer because they're in their mid-to-late 80s) up to the mountains. She and her husband unload the car. Josephine turns to Benjamin and says, "Go get the luggage." "What luggage?" he asks. They had neglected to put it in the car. There she is in a cabin with her sister and brother-in-law and no pajamas. She was so worried about having to use the bathroom in the middle of the night and being caught with no clothes on, so she wrapped herself in the sheet to visit the loo. She also slept on the edge of the bed. "All I could think was what if Benny puts his hand on my rump in the night!" The way she was talking, you would have thought it was her first long weekend away with a new boyfriend. It was hilarious. Her sister lent her a pair of slacks (size 20, which Josephine is not) and took her to the Family Dollar store. Her description of her new bra was so funny, and made me wonder what kind of undergarments older women usually wear. (It was an "uplifting experience" for the old broad.) She bought a oversized sweatshirt that said "Do Not Disturb: I'm Already Disturbed" to sleep in. Just her delivery of that line was worth the price of admission. I hope everyone starts leaving their luggage behind!
(In his defense, her husband was recently hospitalized with dehydration and told not to lift anything over five pounds.)

Speaking of dehydration, Mabel has been moved to an assisted living facility. Probably for the best because even before the dehydration incident she had burned herself with scalding water and had had a fight with a bee that got in her house resulting in several stings. I think she was ready. The facility is about an hour away, and everyone took her address so I'm sure she will have a healthy level of communication with the group.
This month's SBQ from Lee:
Is there anything that you do while you are stitching that is kind of weird or unusual? A quirky habit maybe? Or anything that you do that makes you think, Hey...I wonder if anyone else does this?

When I am getting down to the end of the floss, and I only have a couple of stitches to do, I will push the eye end of the needle through the fabric. Heck, I even make stitches using the dololly if I'm desperate.

Also, I sit through the commercials while I am watching shows on the DVR. I can't be bothered to put down my stitching to fast forward through them.


valerie said...

Oh Josephine and Benny's story is so funny!

I do the same thing with the dvr. I'm too busy stitching to grab the remote. Sometimes commercials come in handy! Especially when you need to get a snack or set the kettle to boil.

Rachel said...

Great story!

Im with you on the commercials but most of the time there will be someone in the room with me that I can pester to fast forward through them :)

Alice said...

At least Mabel will be safer. I always fast forward through commercials..... I hate hate hate commercials! I do add some minutes to my stitching time to make up for it.

C in DC said...

I might just need to get myself a dololly, now. I have the same habit with thread.