Thursday, September 16, 2010

New New New

I have, despite Stella's protestations*, been knitting. I am working on a bag I bought the pattern for at the sheep and wool festival I attended in 2007. You may notice in that stash photo that I bought a pattern for flowers to put on the bag. But not *the* pattern for camellias which is pictured on the pattern (and sold separately). I ordered the camellias two days ago because I had no idea I bought the roses pattern in 2007. Sigh. Let this be a lesson. Don't buy things if you're going to wait three years to stitch them. (Hahahahahahaha!)

In fact, here's some stash I recently purchased to put on the back burner.

Mill Hill/Sticks, Ho Ho Santa * Primitive Needle, The Dampy Sod * Just Nan, Owl Winder Pocket (and owl winder) * Just Nan, Tricky Tweets * JABC "Just Fun" Strawberry Pin Cushion Kit (felt)

They've been cluttering up the craft table waiting to be entered into the database. I just entered them, and I saw so many things I want to do! I have mostly been stitching from the WIP pile this year. I've been extra diligent. I've finished four pieces and will likely finish at least six by year's end. I wanna do something new! I think next month I'll do it.

That's settled. Thanks for the love for the magazine review. A couple of people suggested that all the creativity may have been in the Halloween issue and the Christmas preview. I bought the Halloween issue sight unseen. (I needed to order it and pay on that day to get a discount.) I was not nearly as head over heels for that one as many others seem to be. In fact, I only like the monsterbubbles ornie (I sense a theme) and Plum Street's Halloween Greetings. As for the ornament preview, I liked all the ornaments in the preview better than the ones that were submitted for the ornament issue. I still don't love them all--still don't love Erica Michael's finishing--but the Mosey 'N Me, Fresh Threads, and Glory Bee ornaments stand out as being much better. (Maybe the Mosey 'N Me is a photography problem?) Maybe Lelia is right. They all look better stitched and photographed on the blogs. So get to work. You have 75 ornaments to stitch so I can choose which ones I'll do.

*She barks at the knitting. Even after I let her sniff it thoroughly.


Barbeeque4 said...

Great Review of the JCS Ornie Mag - I agree with almost all of your comments. I skipped the JCS Halloween issue this year as the only ornie I liked - at all - was the Plum Street one and just could not justify buying the mag for the one little chart. Oh well, at some point they will get the hint.

Diane said...

I agree with you about Fresh Threads' Christmas submissions. I loved Cool Christmas in the preview issue so much that I stitched it nine times in eight different color combinations. It's the only ornament from that issue that I even wanted to stitch. The one they did for the ornament issue falls flat for me, though. I like the bauble border but dislike the genie-toed stocking.

I just got the ornament issue late last night, and only glanced through it, so no opinions on anything else yet.

The Halloween issue was meh. It got tossed on the pile of stuff I'll never stitch but can't let go of that my kids will have to decide what to do with when I die.

Silverlotus said...

I really liked the Halloween issue. I guess we have different tastes. :)

I haven't seen the Tricky Tweets before. Want! :D

Alice said...

My mind boggles at the idea of a database for stash. I need to ponder this some more.

LOL at Stella. She barks at the knitting? How fun for you.

Donna said...

There I am reading comments on facebook about the new male angel by MLI when I read "I think he looks scary." And it's you! And you're right. He's so out of proportion, he's scary!

Caroline said...

I knit also - sorry to hear about the barking. Such funny creatures............
Love your new stash, the database is brilliant - I too have bought things only to find that I had the exact same great taste a year or two ago. :sigh:

Anonymous said...

I thought the previous Halloween issues were much better than the issue this year, and I am a Halloween junkie.

Year after year I am finding I like less and less of the ornaments in the Christmas issue. Seems like sometimes they are just stretching for new ideas, and all the cool new ideas are for finishing ornaments. I will agree that I did like just about all the designs in the preview issue, though.