Monday, July 26, 2010

Maggie Monday

So many of you seem to love stories about my (maternal) grandmother that I've decided to have Maggie Mondays. I'll pick the familial brain at Sunday night dinners and have something to present to you on Mondays. Last night--we ended up having cold cuts, btw, with the dude's homemade bread, three gorgeous salads (one of which contained a homegrown cucumber), and the dude's homemade blackberry sorbet and blackberry swirl ice cream (pictured)--my sister came up with two stories. You'll have to make do with just the one today.

For those of you who don't know the old broad, you can still read about her in the local rag (where you can also find stories about my old high school boyfriend).

My grandmother was widowed when she was quite young, only 38. She had two teen-aged daughters. She was not maternal, not a cook nor a baker. She worked throughout her life, including when her children were small. The only food my grandmother has ever prepared for me to eat was lobster stew which she dutifully made once a year (Christmas eve) until the year she used surimi to save money and the responsibility was revoked by full family council.

Still, she gamely cooked the first time my father came for dinner to "meet the family." She bought an inexpensive steak, and cooked it as if it were a roast. After one bite, my father told her "Mrs. Alexa, I can't eat this." My mother was mortified, but my grandmother will tell you this story herself. She can't cook, and she doesn't care who knows it. Secretly, I think it's because she makes a mean martini*.

*Referents deliberately vague.


Casa Pearl said...

Well, surimi - that's certainly creative. She's definitely adventurous! I look forward to more Maggie Monday's. I hope one of these days I run into her in Nashua - can I say "oh, your stitch bitch's grandmother"? LOL I envy you still having her around.

Deborah said...

Good cooks come and go but a woman who can make a good martini is priceless.

Alice said...

Ok. Not everyone is Betty Crocker. In fact, I'd say most people are not. Mmmm, that Ice-cream/sorbet looks great... and homemade bread! Lucky you.

Karen said...

The story about your grandmother's steak is hillarious. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

I'm going to look forward to Maggie Mondays.

I don't suppose Maggie does/did any type of needlework?


doris said...

First, I'd like to come over for dessert, please.

Your grandma sounds like a card. My grandma was also. She died ten years ago and we still tell stories. Can't wait to hear more of yours.

Very interesting about the high school boyfriend. Mine is probably in rehab somewhere.

C in DC said...

Can I have some of the ice cream please? Pretty please?

Margy said...

She sounds like a candidate for Mawrtyrdom. Love the new layout!

Jennifer said...

Ha ha! I applaud your dad for telling your grandmother the truth. Lots of guys would have choked it down and lied to impress their girlfriend's mom.