Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Year in Review

This year I had very few goals:
  • finish-finish two projects a month: My original intent was to finish-finish things that were in the pile rather than new things. And I did mean *I* would do them, but I am going to count everything that got finished. I finished 23 pieces--10 of them to give away. Thirteen came out of the finishing pile and 10 were new stitches. I think I should be more specific next year.
  • hang Toy Gatherer in my house this Christmas: It was so. (There it is hanging where the mola usually goes.)
  • stitch a lot of things for myself: 13 of 29, I don't think that was more than usual.
  • I also said I'd like to start these projects: some I did, they're italicized; some I finished, they're struck through:
  • Hillside Samplings, Folk Art Threadkeep
  • Heart in Hand, Monthly Mania
  • 4 My Boys, Pumpkins Three for Thee
  • Sisters &BF, Button Borders: Pumpkins
  • Mirabilia, Emerald Mermaid (SAL)
  • BOAF, Spring Garden
  • Raise the Roof, Off the Deep End
  • Blackbird Designs, Flea Market Souvenir
  • Little House, Curly Q Ewe
  • Lilybet, Spots II
  • Cricket Collection, Skeleton Crew
  • Little by Little, Star Light, Star Bright
  • Fancy Work, Sampler Scissors Box
  • Liberty Street, Rose Bunnie [sic]

2008 Finishes

  1. Heart in Hand, Monthly Mania February
  2. Heart in Hand, Monthly Mania April
  3. Heart in Hand, Monthly Mania May
  4. Heart in Hand, Monthly Mania June
  5. Heart in Hand, Monthly Mania July
  6. Fancy Work, Sampler Scissors Box
  7. Liberty Street Designs, Rose Bunnie
  8. Liberty Street Designs, In the Tall Flowers
  9. Sue Hillis, Why Men Fish
  10. Quaker fob
  11. Quaker scissor pocket
  12. Quaker biscornu
  13. Heart in Hand, Mother's Day Roundabout
  14. E&E&F, Heart Fob for Stephanie's birthday
  15. Waxing Moon, My Needle and My Floss
  16. Heart in Hand, 2001 Collector's Heart
  17. LHN, Willow Tree Inn Edgar's Neighborhood RR
  18. Heinzit, Family Matters
  19. Quaker stitching set prize
  20. S&BF Pumpkin
  21. S&BF, Leaf
  22. EE&F, flower fob
  23. CCN, JCS ornament preview for Melita
  24. JBW, Silver Needle Freebie, blue
  25. JBW, Silver Needle Freebie, red
  26. LHN, Dog House Sampler
  27. Shepherds Bush, Toy Gatherer
  28. Yankee Stitcher, By the Sea
  29. Lizzie Kate, Home for the Holidays for Paula D.
  30. LHN, The Angels Sang
  31. LHN, Curly Q Ewe
Edited to add my last finish of 2008.

Curly Q Ewe
c Little House Needleworks
stitched with the called for DMC and Crescent Colours Floss
18-count Waterlily

Most of these were small pieces, but Toy Gatherer, which I can't stop yammering about, feels like a majestic triumph. Now to think about what I hope to accomplish in 2009...


doris said...

Wow! Way to go! Toy Gatherer isn't even on my radar screen, but he's in my stash. Wool Gatherer is on my list to finish because Herb Gatherer has been waiting many years for him to join her on my wall. Thanks for more inspiration!

Michelle said...

Wow - you definitely got a lot done in 2008! And Toy Gatherer given a place of honor on the wall - fantastic! Congrats on that last finish of the year too - it's a cute one!

Megan said...

Wow, that's a lot of finishes! Love Curly Q Ewe - such pretty colors.