Saturday, November 22, 2008


I went to pick up my mom's Christmas present. Voila!

The shabby frame is perfect. I love how this came out! I saw many lovely things at the Strawberry Sampler, including some fabulous colored fabric. I kept looking and putting things back because I have so much to do. I need focus. It was my mantra. Focus, focus, focus.

I needed a fabric marker so that I can make another naughty apron. So I made the mistake went to Joann's. Something came over me and I was wandering around and around. The next thing I knew I was walking out with about $50 worth of stuff. Including this to make more cowls. Not sure for what or whom...apparently I lost my focus.

The good news is that I managed to send off two pieces that have been hanging over my head.

Okay, gotta run. My parents just arrived at my sister's. Ahhh, a week of family fun!


Margie said...

Only $50 at Joann's? Anna that's great! I don't I ever get out of Joann's spending anything less than $50! LOL! Between stuff for cross stitching & also fabric, etc for items I'm sewing, I only go to Joann's when I absolutely have to bcuz I know I will spend $50 or more! LOL ~ love the colors of the yarn btw ~ and that piece for your Mom looks absolutely GREAT!!! Awesome job! And the frame is perfect!!! :~)

Redwitch said...

The framing for your Mum's pressie looks great :)

I'm envious of Joann's we don't have them here, probably just as well really!

Sharon said...

It's beautiful!

Michelle said...

That frame is perfect! Love it! And I love the yarn you bought. Great colors. I keep wishing I was proficient enough at knitting that I could knit myself arm warmers. I could totally use them while stitching in my cold house! I'll put it on my FOCUS list for next year. LOL!

Beth said...

I've heard of the Strawberry Sampler. My mom lives in Elkton, MD and a couple people have told me about it. I've only ventured so far as the LNS is the Historic District of New Castle, DE, though.

Your finished projects look wonderful, especially The Toy Gatherer. I have to agree that the framing jobs are great!

Carolyn NC said...

Frame looks great! And yes, JoAnn's can be deadly!