Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Wake Me Up When September Ends

Indeed, I think I've been asleep for most of September. These were my monthly goals.
  • 10 hours on Folk Art Threadkeep I don't know if it was exactly ten, but I did work on it. Photo below.
  • 10 hours on Curly Q Ewe About ten, photo below.
  • Emerald Mermaid (Sunday SAL with Michelle). Michelle, I suck.
  • travel project: Monthly Mania I started November.
  • Work on DD's RR I suck. But you'll have it at camp! I promise.
  • And I guess it would be good if I finished those bags I cut out Yeah, about that...I guess my SILs aren't getting bags for Christmas. The shipping deadline has just snuck up on me. My MIL, however, will be getting the Amy Butler stash and dash bags, even if they're a little late.
  • stitch anniversary prize Indeed! And the big winner is...

The random integer, and you're going to have to take my word because I didn't get a screen shot, is #17. That's Annemarie! Yay, you. Yayyou! E-mail me.

And my plan for October:

  • Emerald Mermaid SAL with Michele
  • By the Sea
  • SB Stocking for BIL
  • SB Stocking for cousin
  • Work on DD's RR
  • Stitch Anniversary Prize
  • Travel Project: Monthly Mania


Annemarie said...

Wow. I'm speechless with joy, but I will let loose a cry of jubilation. YAY!!!! Will e-mail.
I think you did very well with your goals, by the way. A lot better than I did, anyway.

quietgirl255 said...

Yeah where did September go?

Coral said...

Congratulations Annemarie!!

(Boo - it wasn't me)!

Yes, your goals were somewhat met, I didn't even bother with any, but my pumpkins have all the orange finished! A small happy dance!

Vonna said...

WOW...Annemarie must be walking with the force, because this is the second thing she's won that I've read about today! GO AN!!! You deserve a little sparkle!

Barbara said...

Three big cheers for Annemarie. And here's to October being full of happy productivity!

Michelle said...

Well, we all know I suck too. So, I'll try to do better in October!