Monday, August 11, 2008

Olympic Stitching

So the dude and I were the only people in the world not to tune in for the exciting part of the opening ceremonies. We watched the endless parades of people in silly costumes but completely forgot about the real opening. Because, well honestly, we haven't given a shit about the Olympics since the 1980s. And possibly as early as 1976 when I wanted to grow up and be Nadia Comaneci which necessitated years of gymnastics lessons where I was incredibly mediocre because of the late start and the "adult" body. We were totally turned off one year--1996?--when the nonstop schmaltz got in the way of actually delivering coverage of the games. This year, however, we've noticed a lack of those crappy stories and more coverage, even when America isn't dominating the sport. We're in love with the Korean archers with the Hello Kitty chest guards. In.Love.

The dude, who likes making up rules, has new rules for which games should be included: 1) If there is regular, and true, international competition, no Olympics: buh-bye football (soccer) and tennis. He is also upset with FIDE's bid to get chess into the Olympics, and you know what a chess geek he is. 2) If your game is "stupid", no games for you: rhythmic gymnastics (I believe the exact quote was "Unless 'rhythmic gymnastics' is a euphamism for sex, out of the games!"). Although I have been growing more fond of Youngs and Branagh, I would suggest a third rule which is if your uniform is a bathing suit and you don't actually go in the water, no games. (The dude just doesn't tolerate beach volleyball at all, even though he was known to play back in the Los Angeles days.) I think we should get him on the IOC.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Shut up and show us your Olympic Stitching. Yes, well. I finished the secret stitching with the 0" seam allowance on Saturday, and spent all day Sunday working on my Fair and Square exchange which I then left at home all packed up and ready to send. D'oh. So I haven't actually gotten to the Toy Gatherer. I have another project that needs to be finish-finished before we fly to Orlando Thursday night, but it's all cut out. I'm hoping this only sets me back another night. I'm sorry, Melissa and the other Olympic Stitchers, for being so disorganized.
Photo: White House photo by Eric Draper


Donna said...

Can I just start referring to it as evil Olympic stitching?

Jennifer said...

DH and I skipped the opening ceremonies too, much to my chagrin as I'm reading accounts of how spectacular it was.

BTW, chess? Not an Olympic sport. Not even a sport.

Barbara said...

We did not watch the opening either. Six people in the world, and counting.... ;)

karenv said...

Another one (+ DH) who didn't watch the opening ceremony either ;) I have been watching as much coverage of the games as possible now they're underway though and making good stitching progress to boot!

Rachel said...

totally missed the opening party - was at a reunion but Im sure I would have enjoyed the olympic one better.

Have to agree with the Dude which would also mean basketball is OUT. I lol'd over rhythmic gymnastics!

Michele said...

We missed the opening ceremonies too and we missed team handball too! lol .. DS says it is one of the best events! I have to say that I enjoy almost all of both winter and summer Olympics. I love all the water events and omgosh the field and track it great too! We enjoyed the Korean archers too lol .. good luck to the fish .. he's kicking major butt.

I'm disorganized with my Olympic stitching too .. hopefully I'll be on target by Wednesday!

Anna van Schurman said...

No, Rachel, basketball stays because there is no truly international competition. Sure American sports pretend to have "World Championships" but they aren't playing against a truly international field.

Glenna said...

I miss the ice skating and the skiing, so I have not tuned in at all. If there were Olympic chess, would they likely dope? Or be dope-tested?

We missed the opening, we plan to miss all of the coverage and the closing, so thanks much for showing us the hello-kitty uniforms! My stitching is Games-Free.