Friday, June 20, 2008

Counting Cross Stitch

You know I love it when the news media call cross stitch by some crazy variant on the name. Especially counter cross stitch. Today, google alerted me to a new variation:

Originally from North Carolina, Dampier and her husband, Dean, are the
parents of four children and eight grandchildren. Outside of volunteering, she
enjoys going to their beach house in Galveston, reading, counting cross stitch
and going to the Houston Symphony (emphasis added).

Counting Cross Stitch is a band from Berkeley. I hear they have a new song out called "You Can't Count On Me" about a woman who is having problems keeping track of her stitches on a project. They did a song "Round Here"--very popular--about the roundabout kits released by Heart in Hand Needleart. What you may not know is that Barbara was the muse for "On a Tuesday in Amsterdam Long Ago." Also, "Anna Begins"? Yeah, they know I have startitis and no will to finish my projects.

Of course the editor was probably trying to make the verbs parallel (going, reading, counting, going). However, if they took two seconds to find out how one constructs what one does when they do cross stitch, they may have been happier with "cross stitching" or "doing counted cross-stitch."


Barbara said...

It's enough for me to know that I'm a muse, even if I'm not recognized as one. ;)

Coral said...

You don't think she does count cross stitch, and not DO cross stitch? Hmm, time to ponder!