Monday, December 31, 2007

Best Laid Plans

Last year, I planned to tackle 18 projects:
six UFOs--Finished Alpine Garden, made progress on Anna's Bird and Tree of Life Window
Anna’s Bird
Elizabethan Rose
Frickin’ Chicken aka Majestic Rooster
Alpine Garden
Tree of Life Window
Watercolor Geraniums

six new starts--started five! Finished Summer Place.
Curtis Boehringer's apple sampler
Summer Place
18th Century Knot Garden
Tall Flowers Sampler
Christmas Carols Stocking--I didn't start this one
Snowman Stocking

six obligation pieces--Completed all of them!
Dolly Mama Kitty
Dolly Mama Poodle
baby White announcement
baby Palmer announcement
SB Jillian’s stocking
SB Elisabeth’s stocking

Maybe 18 is too many projects?

Finishes in 2007:
  1. Prairie Grove Peddlar "Bee Bitchy"
  2. Needlebook from Camp
  3. SamSarah "Patriotic Heart"
  4. February birthday biscornu
  5. August birthday biscornu I
  6. August birthday biscornu II
  7. Friendship grows ornament
  8. Sweetheart Tree heart
  9. My sheep RR
  10. bestpal's Christmas tree RR
  11. VT's stitchery RR
  12. embroidered (dirty) apron
  13. Phillies biscornu
  14. SamSarah Whole Heart
  15. Hillside Samplings Animal Samplings
  16. Country Cottage Needlework sheep ornament
  17. Summer Place
  18. Dolly Mama Kitty
  19. Dolly Mama Poodle
  20. Lizzie*Kate Baby Sampler
  21. Sweet Dreams, La D Da
  22. Jillian’s stocking
  23. Elisabeth’s stocking
  24. Alpine Garden

Okay, 18 is not too many but apparently those weren't the right 18. Next year's list is going to be more...manageable? (Stop laughing!)

A happy, healthy, and creative 2008 to all!


Jacque said...

You did a ton....good for you! Jewelry,'re definitely multi-talented!

Happy New Year!

Redwitch said...

You did loads!

Happy New Year Anna!

Melissa said...

Happy New Year! You may not have completed the 18 projects you had planned but from your list 2007 was a pretty successful stitching year.

May 2008 bring you lots of joy and happiness and plenty of hours to stitch!

Michelle said...

Happy New Year! I know what you mean - I finished a lot but only two were what I intended to finish when the year started.

C in DC said...

Goals are for guidance, in my view. I think it's hard in these lists to account for the new projects that pop up and demand one's attention.

Anna van Schurman said...

Don't worry, folks, I'm not beating myself up. I just don't go in for that!