Friday, June 01, 2007


Photos of my aunt's bell pull. I bet you'll be able to see the mistake no trouble. It makes me sick.

Here's the backing fabric that I'm not thrilled with. It won't really show, so it's no big deal, but actually using what I have on hand? Huge!

My boss says she has that fabric from her quilting days. You may not remember but there was a time when cotton prints for quilting wouldn't have filled a 4 page newsletter--never mind a catalog like Hancocks or Keepsake Quilting. There were some calicoes, and that fabric you see to the left. That was all. It's true. And apparently I've been saving it as some kind of souvenir.

And lo, another UFO complete!


Michelle said...

Congrats on finishing - it is beautiful. Although the fabric is "vintage" it does match the colors in the sampler.

Barbara said...

I don't see the mistake. Have I gone blind or are you too much of a perfectionist?

Reading your last few entries, it sounds like life's been insane lately. Has it calmed down at all?

coral said...