Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Resolved? 2008

I've got my feet up while I watch HGTV's coverage of the Rose Parade. I've gathered some projects to finish-finish because that's part of what I hope to do this year: make progress on my many projects in various states of undone--finishing and attacking WIPs. But first, having declared this the year of selfish stitching (that's what I like about blogging, you can declare things, someone makes a button, and then it just is), I am going to allow myself a guilt-free January. I know a lot of people have done this for a while, and I am late to the party, but I think this will be a way of turning over a new leaf (ha ha). I will set my annual goals in February.

Some projects I have that I'd like to start:
  1. Hillside Samplings, Folk Art Threadkeep
  2. Heart in Hand, Monthly Mania (I've stitched January, August, and October)
  3. 4 My Boys, Pumpkins Three for Thee
  4. Sisters &BF, Button Borders: Pumpkins
  5. Mirabilia, Emerald Mermaid (SAL)
  6. BOAF, Spring Garden
  7. Raise the Roof, Off the Deep End
  8. Blackbird Designs, Flea Market Souvenir
  9. Little House, Curly Q Ewe
  10. Lilybet, Spots II
  11. Cricket Collection, Skeleton Crew
  12. Little by Little, Star Light, Star Bright
  13. Fancy Work, Sampler Scissors Box
  14. Liberty Street, Rose Bunnie [sic]

I've decided against joining the 365 bloggers. Part of being a writer is finding interesting things to say; for me that part is easy (at least I think they're interesting)--it's finding time that's so difficult. Unfortunately, I haven't learned how to manufacture that. My biggest concern is weekend posting because traffic is so low. You will miss reading bestpal's guest blogs. Or maybe not. We'll see what she says after a few weeks of maternity leave.


Michelle said...

You have some great starts planned! Guilt-free January is a wonderful thing. I had hoped to settle in with the mermaids and watch the Rose Parade this morning, but someone had other ideas (like taking down the decorations). Sigh. I vote for the guest blogger anyway - that would be fun!

Kim Ayres said...

Happy New Year - hope 2008 is good to you :)

Lee said...

There's nothing like clicking on a link and finding a picture of a beautiful new baby! Thanks for sharing that.

Sue said...

I love Skeleton Crew! It's in my stash and comes out on a regular basis...should I...shouldn't I? Then it goes back into Stash purgatory. :-)
Happy New Year!!!

C in DC said...

Congratulations to USC.

Archivalist said...

There are few things in this life I hate more than parades. Especially when they feature "Up With People." If there is a hell, that is it.

Anonymous said...

Nice button you're sportin'... just think: you could have had a 365 button, too :)

Happy New Year!! You have a great list of personal stitching projects.

Jacque said...

Your guilt-free January sounds great..enjoy!

Happy New Year!

tkdchick said...

Best of luck with finishing up your WIPS in 2008 I'd like to whittle down my list of started projects as well!

Annemarie said...

Happy New Year to you! Selfish stitching... sounds good. I know we can do it. I'm looking forward to all of those wonderful projects you have planned!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your big win last night!

Now - on to the FIESTA BOWL!!!!