Tuesday, January 23, 2007

New! New! New!

SFist has a report about the National Needle Art Association (TNNA) meeting in San Diego. They show a needlepoint Nano case by AMH Designs (note, they don't have the new design on the website yet). When I first saw these I thought, I WANT THAT!

But just today, I found a pattern for a Nano case on wikiHow. So I think I can manage to make my own and not wait for the kits to be available--but how cool that AMH is gonna bring the kids to the stitching?

Besides my Nano hasn't worked since I got it, and my mother hasn't sent the receipt so I can't return it. So, no rush.

Lee, I am stitching the marquoir in hand. I had to gussy it up so I ironed it. I was taking a photo for a different purpose--turned out they didn't use it--but I had to restore the family pride by making it presentable.


Cheryl in DC said...

I *love* the needlework Ipod case. How cool! Hmmm. Almost makes me want to get a Nano. Thanks for the links.

Melissa said...

Anna-Any chance the store has a record of the purchase? I know that when an extended warranty is purchased at Best Buy and maybe even Circuit City that information is stored on the computer. Since it was a gift it might be worth a try.

Also--does your computer have Microsoft Service Pack 2? My husband's iPod Mini wouldn't work on the desktop and it was all because of the service pack. The laptop came with it and when we plugged the iPod into the laptop it worked perfectly. Just a thought because we thought his iPod was defective until we figured it out.