Monday, January 22, 2007

Tall Flowers Update

This is a psuedo-update. I took this picture yesterday, in the daylight, and on my bus ride today I put the first flower on a stem. So this isn't really an accurate representation any longer. Sigh. Winter bites with all its bad lighting.

I do love the colors, though. They are so happy, with any luck they can get me through the dreariness of winter.

That said, I think it's about time to switch over to stitching the Tree of Life Window so I can get some time on that before the end of the month. Am I already talking about the end of the month? Why can't time slow down like it used to when I was a kid waiting for a big event, like Christmas or my birthday? Can I get some of that time back?

Melissa wanted to know what colors I am using on the marquoir. The answer is black and DMC 921, a sort of pumpkin color that matches the paint job in my dining room. Yup, just regular ol' DMC.


Barbara said...

Anna, I really love this project. Perfect for banishing winter blues & blahs.

And if you figure out how to recapture that time, or the ability to make it stand still, from childhood please share the secret!! I feel like my life's been put on fast forward.

Lelia said...

Time is a mystery. When I think about my oldest daughter turning 21 in October ... well, I just shudder.

i think I stopped the "anticipation' game. I don't 'look forward' to events like I used to. That way, I don't have the 'let down'. I plan things without the 'fuss' & live more in the moment.

It is just easier for me. Remember, I'm a fossil!!!

Michelle said...

Love the colors in Tall Flowers...I especially like the effect of the squares down at the bottom. Very nice.

Lee said...

Your Marquoir project looks so smooth...are you using a frame or scroll bars, or are you stitching in hand?

My Tree of Life seems so rumpled compared to your Marquoir!!