Friday, December 29, 2006

2006 in Review

So what did you accomplish this year, oh fickle stitcher?

  1. Wee Fancies Sheep, Homespun Elegance
  2. Miss Mary Mack, La-D-Da (individual over one)
  3. Holiday Ewe, Heart in Hand Needleart
  4. I Saw Three Ships ornament, Fancy Work
  5. Souvenir Sampler, Drawn Thread
  6. Folk Art Topiary ornament,
  7. Learned to sew trim on ornaments!
  8. Patriotic Needlebook, Silver Needle
  9. Garden Thread Pallet Case, Old Colonial Needlework
  10. Bunny in a Basket, M Designs
  11. Cancel My True Love's Order ornament, Flower Thread
  12. three (3) swirly santa ornaments, Barbara Sestock
  13. Frosty Santa ornament, Mill Hill
  14. Room for Ewe, Ewe and I and Friends
  15. You are My Sunshine, La-D-Da
  16. Once the Ocean Called My Name, X-Appeal
  17. Happy Bunny Bunny Day, The Trilogy
  18. 40th birthday gift, Subversive Stitch
  19. Enchanted Alphabet, MLI
  20. Me Voila, Rouge du Rhin
  21. October Monthly Mania, Heart in Hand
  22. Pumpkin Sampler,Window Garden Designs
  23. Peace Tree Ornament, M Designs
  24. Pumpkin Keeper, Drawn Thread
  25. Polka Dot Scissor Fob, E&E&F

Not all I had hoped, but I seem to be about average based on what I've been reading on other blogs.


Michelle said...

You got a lot done this year - congratulations! Your Christmas gifts all turned out beautiful! I would be happy to accept a hand-painted box from Slovenia any time - how rude!

Cheryl in DC said...

2 completed projects per month -- that's impressive! Congratulations.