Thursday, December 28, 2006


Well, I've just been so peeved with blogger I took a bit of a minivacation. That, and I left the camera dock in Philly so I couldn't upload any of my photos. Here, you can you will be able to see the slightly too short case I made for my sister's new razr phone and the finishing I did on my aunt's and mother's gifts.

Sissy loved her ornaments, and she's using the cell phone case even though it's too short (should be a snap to make a longer one and reattach the decoration). She was really impressed with the ornaments. Really loved them. So now I know: don't bother with the things that take aeons to finish, just give them a finished gift. Mom and auntie were really impressed with their gifts too. I think I did really well this year, all except my father's mother. I carried something back from Slovenia to her, and she couldn't have cared less. Next year my parents are coming to PA for Christmas, so I won't have to see her at all. See how she likes that handpainted Slovenian box then!

I didn't get a lot of stitch stash this year. Just two pieces on my list: Heart's Content French Harvest and Be Merry and Bright. My father was appalled when he found out how much those kits cost. I started Merry and Bright, and the light in my mother's house is so bad I actually used her cheaters. Wow. I'm going to have to get me a pair of those. At least they were cute, all diggied up with olive rhinestones. Leave it to my mother...

My main stitching piece over the holiday was my friend's round robin. I decided to go with the free chart from camp that I am going to personalize. So far I have taken just about every stitch in that piece twice--I kept screwing up the color or placement. So it is taking way longer than I had hoped. Oh, it also calls for a discontinued WDW thread. Can anyone describe Julep?

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Barbara said...

Sort of a frothy light green, as in a mint julep?

Glad you enjoyed the holidays! :)