Friday, November 24, 2006

Day Five: New Couch

The dude has gone off with the guys (my dad, cousin's husband) to Atlantic City today. He deserves a break because he's going to be helping me for a few more weeks, rushing about the house at my beck and call. I think he'll have fun and it will take his mind off telling off my parents for their late arrival Wednesday.

I am sitting on the chair-and-a-half with ottoman at my cousin's. So far two different dogs (alone and together), a small kid, and my full-grown mother have joined me in the chair. I think they're finagling a way to go shopping without me, but after last night's telling off, they're feeling pretty guilty about it.
So I wrote that at the start of my day. My family begrudgingly sat with me through the day, and I worked mostly on the fairy elf. She's really coming along. Eventually, I should give her the second leg. Soon, I'll try to get some photos for you--including one of the napkin rings I made for my cousin. I was reminded I made these for her when I saw them at Thanksgiving. I took a photo, but it's a bit of work for me to get into the study to get the photos from the camera to the computer. How much longer am I off my feet?

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Michelle said...

Glad you made it through your surgery and hopefully the worst of your pain. Can't wait to see the napkins you made and your progress on the Christmas Fairy. Hang in there!