Saturday, November 25, 2006

Day 6: Back to the Chair-and-a-half

Today the girls left me with the boys and went shopping. We watched the children--in my case, I did a lot more watching than anything else--and football. (As I write, USC is moving up the polls. Woohoo!) I managed to get quite a bit done on the marquoir today. Well, I finished the corner motif which certainly feels like a lot. I am stitching this ginormous piece over one on 40-count fabric, so it is a lot of work. It's lovely, but the fabric is huge! It's going to be a mess by the time I am done stitching. I also got a bit done on the Dolly Mama freebie poodle. I was going to give this to my niece whose room is pink but she wants a cat. I could change the poodle's skirt and shoes to blue and give it to my other niece who would be delighted by the poodle...I'll think about it.

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