Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

I'm a bit disappointed that, on the day before Thanksgiving, I bitched about my family who drove 6 1/2 hours to take care of me. I'm going to blame the pain. The worst thing about the pain is that I have to have my right foot done eventually. And it will all start again.

I am Thankful...
...for a family who drives 6.5 hours to change ice on my foot every 20 minutes
...for my cousin who is cooking the dinner and who on Monday took care of my vomit
...for the dude also taking care of vomit (just as he sat down to breakfast) and you know, for all the rest of it because there is a lot of it
...for my nieces who cheer me up*
...for my new boss who, besides being a great new boss, sent me a little care package
...for my podiatrist who does good work and plays chess
...for nurses who maintain an amazing sense of humor in face of a lot of shit, literal and figurative
...for the resident-on-call who told me that wanting to know when the pain would end wasn't a stupid question (I was just a stupid person asking a question)
...for the very fact of bunion surgery, which has improved in the last twenty years to the degree that I have a 98% chance of not having to have it again, on this foot.

I am also Thankful for things that haven't happened in the last week...
...for stitching that helps me maintain my sanity
...for my friends for much the same reason
...for therapists, again mental health thing, but they do this for so many more people who are dear to me
...for my cold little house, which is only cold if you're an old person not paying the heating bill
...for the food I'm about to eat, mmm, triple corn stuffing
...for my two feet!

* My niece, Lala, chose a mum made into a turkey with a pompom and chenille stems as my get well flower. But when she saw it, she said, "Mom, we could make one of these for auntie." Oh, her craftivity warms the cockles of my heart.

Happy day, be ever thankful!


Carol said...

As a therapist, I say thank you for being thankful for therapists :-) Have a great Thanksgiving!

Glenna said...

LOL about the bog. Here's something to confirm the Dude's feelings: when my sister was in high school, she dated a guy whose brother got into a barroom brawl that continued into the street and down the road. Eventually the guy got carried away, beat the tar out of the other guy, accidentally killing him. In a panic over what to do about this dead body, he happened upon an idea: cut up the body, take the parts and put them somewhere. But where? Seeing the lightly frozen-over bog, he decided that it was water, and that he'd just break the ice and put the various bits and pieces there. Wasn't long before all those things began surfacing, since the water's only a foot or so deep. I've never looked at chunky cranberry relish quite the same way since.

Best of luck on your recovery--and how cool that your family can deal with vomit in such a loving way; we're all sympathetic pukers, so I wouldn't get any help there....