Friday, August 26, 2005

My Garden Blooms

I have been working on Moon Garden. Sometimes, when I'm stitching in bad light, it seems like it's all one color, but then I'll catch a glimpse of this piece in the daylight, and I'm struck by the subtle beauty of the colors. My new rotation is to decide that I will complete a piece, like the Just Cross Stitch Ornament RR, and then for a few days I can stitch on one "main" piece that strikes my fancy--Moon Garden, this time. I've got to put together a short list of pieces that can be finished in a few days so that I can "reward" myself by stitching on the main piece. Petit Berger, Pins and Needles scissors rest, and any rrs that come my way should do. Of course, I have to either find the chart I made of the birth statistics for the little shepherd or I have to rechart it. I swear I am losing my mind. We're in the tiniest of spaces, and I can't keep myself organized. The list of things that are "lost" grows: zip disk, Bobbi Brown tweezer set (and, man, do my eyebrows look like it), birth stats chart. I feel like I am living with the Borrowers.

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