Saturday, August 27, 2005

Throwin' Crafta Gang Signs

Have I failed to mention that I am on a brief vacation to the Finger Lakes region? Came up on Wednesday and return tomorrow. Today, the dude and I went to Sonnenberg Mansion which for some reason I keep calling Sonnenfeld mansion. While we were taking in the Victorian splendor, we stumbled on a display of hair receivers. I pointed them out to the dude, because just yesterday we saw a spectacular--if revolting--wreath made of human hair. I wandered away, and the dude fell into the hands of the docent who completed his education on what the Victorians did with human hair. (Now if a Ph.D. were worth anything, he'd already know what the Victorians did with human hair as his dissertation covered that period.) I arrived at a room that had the most gorgeous William Morris wallpaper. I went to retrieve the dude to show him. Since we're in the early stages of home buying, my mother wants to know what sort of furnishings to buy. Always one to put the cart before the horse... I wanted, no, needed, to show the dude the wallpaper. So I interrupt the docent who is explaining to Pete that Victorian crafters, like contemporary crafters, couldn't throw anything away lest they need it for a future craft project. (I mean, really, collecting human hair.) I explained that he knew about that obsession. Sensing that I was one of us she accompanied us back to the William Morris wallpaper--it was original, not reproduction; I thought to ask--and she took us into the roped off room to show us...a round bathroom. It's not on the everyday tour; you have to know the secret handshake. Peace out.

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Anonymous said...

I working up to it... I had more of a horizontal "stitch" cross than the vertical kind (RC Stylin') in mind. If we have time on the weekend me and my boy will do some work on some photies and I will post one...

I think we could do with some stitchy "bling"
cathymk (Muppet Moods)