Thursday, July 07, 2005

SBQ: Neatness Counts

Do you think that you stitch neater on Evenweave than you do on Aida cloth? If so, why? I think I stitch about the same. I have noticed, while stitching on round robins, that I become a horribly sloppy stitcher when evenweave is begun in the wrong place. Wrong place? Of course, variations are limitless in craft, but I find it a whole lot easier to keep track if I start my stitches next to a vertical leg. Kathy Dyer's exactly right when she says it's easier to show than to explain. Because I am such a, er, loose stitcher, my stitches have a tendency to roll under the fabric if there's not a good vertical anchor. I get lost counting as well--if you expect to see the vertical thread at two (as opposed to one or three) your needle comes up there automatically. So I think it is more doing things right than doing them on aida or evenweave.

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