Friday, July 08, 2005

SBQ: Begginings 6/29

When starting a new project, do you start in the middle? If you do, once you’ve worked down to the bottom, do you turn your chart and fabric around so that you are stitching the top section downwards again or do you just stitch upwards from the middle?

I almost always start in the middle. I find I am incapable of measuring in 3" and down 3"--there always seems to be some jog in the pattern that I neglect to take into account. So, I stick with the safe way. I usually move out to the right and down, but when I get bored of stitching those colors, I'll flip the chart and fabric 180 degrees and stitch right and down again (actually stitching the upper left of the pattern). This method assures that I never have to count. Who says counted cross-stitch is about math?

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