Tuesday, May 10, 2005

My White Whale

I have been so sick these past few days, so forgive the lack of posts. Yesterday, I had a fever of 102. I'm still a little feverish today, but I feel so much better.

I've been working on the PS RR. I gave myself permission not to move on to the knitting I have scheduled for two reasons. First, I was sick. No one should be expected to do things they don't feel like doing when they are sick. Second, the Prairie Schooler RR is behind, so I want to stay on top of it. The current project is PS 34 --I can't remember the name and it's OOP--but it has "In 1492 Columbus Sailed the Ocean Blue" on the top with a big ship in the middle. When I saw the pattern, I thought it was awful, but the stitched bits have really changed my mind. It looks really nice. I have now stitched the whale on the bottom three times. First, I was off a couple of stitches. Then, I realized I was stitching one over one when I was supposed to be stitching two over one. D'oh! At any rate, I am almost done with my small section. Then I'll get to move on to the Cherished Teddy. I'm not kidding. These RRs have been sent to torture me.

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