Wednesday, May 11, 2005

This isn't Ironic Either, Alannis

So last night, I was stitching a Cherished Teddy (r) ornament while watching House*. Are there two characters more opposite? Did you know that I identify with House more than with the (ostensibly real) woman who wants me to stitch Cherished Teddies (r)? I think the only way I can deal with the saccharine of the Cherished Teddy (r) is to have a good dose of misanthropy wafting in the ears.

I think
Hugh Laurie has to be one of the Hottest Men on Television. Of course, I didn't think this when he was playing Jasper in the 101 Dalmatians. I find men attractive--sorry to digress so much from the blog topic--when they are or appear to be smart. That's why I almost never feel attracted to movie stars. All it takes is one bad interview, where the actor says something banal or downright stupid, and it's over for me. The strange thing is that the dude at one time in his life (when I first met him) looked exactly like Hugh Laurie's costar, Robert Sean Leonard (when he played the suicidal kid in Dead Poet's Society). Of course, neither the dude nor Robert Sean Leonard look the way they did then, and they seem to look less alike today.

But back to the Cherished Teddies (r)... Can we put a contract out on Gloria and Pat for inflicting on us in cross-stitch not only Cherished Teddies (r) but also Precious Moments (r)?

* Just in case you don't believe that's not irony,
check it out.

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