Friday, May 06, 2005

To be Finished...

I took these pictures the other day, when my cousin and I were going through my "to be finished" pile. There they all were and it became crystal clear to me that I have a major problem. I only finish the gifts. In the hypothetical future, when I don't live in my cousin's basement (okay, not so hypothetical...) my house could be warmly decorated with my stitching. Instead it's just stuffed in a plastic bin. I thought that sharing this failure with my readers may give me some incentive to get on it. So I took the photos fully expecting to post them on Wednesday, but I forgot. Then I took the kid to the Franklin Institute yesterday and couldn't get her to leave. Now imagine my surprise when Renee's Stitching Bloggers question was about finishing! Or my lack thereof... Here it is in vivid color.

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