Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Round up

Here's the list from this month:
  • Make Christmas cards
  • Finish and send Heart in Hand Wee Ones RR
  • Finish and send Ornament RR
  • Make a scarf for the dude's co-worker by 12/14
  • Finish Sissy's poncho by 12/24
  • Finish auntie's booga bag by 12/24
  • Possibly make a scrapbook about my uncle's fishing prowess--my aunt just gave me the pictures and clippings on Thanksgiving, so they're not expecting it. We'll see. [operative word: possibly]
  • Make a capelet or shawl to wear on 12/24. I might just wear all black and wrap the yarn around myself. [found a cute sweater substitute, must find something else to do with the yarn]
  • Make a scarf for neighbor
I did manage to get back on track with the poncho. I've got 10 more repeats to do one side one and then it all begins again on side two. I have begun counting stitches after rows 3, 4, 5 and 8, because these are the ones that involve YOs and knitting two together. Oh, and after all this damn poncho saga everyone loved the booga bag. Sissy said, "I would have taken one of these." So I beat her with it. I really did, Christmas eve and everything. Those felted bags are very rugged, you know. I also had two requests for the no hair day chemo cap I made for my niece--who is not undergoing chemo, she just loved the eyelash yarn. Next Christmas may be refreshingly easy since those take me about 1.5 days. I've also learned my lesson, no more asking people what they want for Christmas.

I can't be too hard on my sister, though. She went to my wishlist and bought every cross-stitch kit and chart that she thought was cute. She spent a fortune, but it is all part of my birthday present too. She got me the 1999, 2001, 2002 and 2003 Heart's Content Annual ornaments, and Spring Glory, Summer Joy and Autumn Thanks charts from Sisters and Best Friends. She also got me the pattern for Nostalgic Needle's Whimsy Bag. I told her she only liked that one because she has the Sweet Bag I made her hanging in her bedroom.

Other stitch related gifts included two clover cutters--one for floss and one for yarn--from my cousin, who beaded necklaces for them. A hefty gift certificate to The Silver Needle from Auntie Em. My mom focused on scrapbooking and got me the entire color collection of Zig Memory Markers. I sat with it in my lap all day and marvelled over the colors! I'm a big crafting dork. She also got me some stickers and some paper. Wheeee.

Now, to look ahead. Must plan
For January:
stitch and send Freebie rr
stitch and send Prairie Schooler rr
stitch and send Wee Ones rr
stitch and send Alphabet rr
stitch and send Sisters and Best Friends rr
stitch and send Ornament rr

I also need to work on Uncle J's scrapbook. After he saw the one I made for Auntie Em's birthday, he told me that I had to hurry up and do his because he wanted to show it off to a fishing buddy whose wife made one for him. He said mine would outshine hers. I'll take it as a compliment.

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