Thursday, December 30, 2004

2004. . .Year in Review

I had quite a successful year in stitches, though I say it myself. I finally finished the floral afghan. I took a list of 22 projects that I had begun and halved it (some of the ones that didn't get finished did get worked on). I was able to complete:
* Wooly Zipper by Bent Creek
* Fa La La by Twisted Threads
* Noel Ornament by CA's Eclectic Collection
* Sunflower Smalls by Lauren Sauer
* Itty Bitty Trio of Hearts by Twisted Threads
* Keep Christmas in Your Heart (JCS Ornament Issue)
* Tipsy Tree by Mill Hill
* Professor Fizzby's Freebee '99 by Dimples Designs
* You are My Sunshine by Bent Creek
* Roly-Poly Santa by Heartstrings

I think that setting goals has really helped me become more focused, and as a result, I'm more realistic about what I can manage. On the downside (for people who get gifts from me) I'm going to be more selfish with my time, I think. Well, I will be once the round robins are out of the way.

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