Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Stitcher's Five: Finishing

1. How many have you framed on the wall?
Two: a Merry Cox out of JCS and "Sumer is a-coming in" by Moss Creek. I also have two seasonal Mill Hill pieces that come out at Halloween and Christmas. There are lots more framed pieces at my mother's house.
2. How many do you have finished in other ways?
Lots of ornaments finished in pillow style or with felt backing, a pillow, flat folds, a no sew method taught online by Elegant Stitch
3. What was the most expenisve finishing? Prolly a hundred fifty dollars for a framed piece given as a wedding gift.
4. Have you finished anything yourself?
Dozens of ornaments, a pin cushion, the Eiffel Tower clock, the aforementioned class pieces where I learned a finishing technique.
5. Describe your favourite finished piece. I like them all, don't I?

Of course, there is a dangerously tall pile that needs finishing. When I'm back at home, with a completed afghan, then I'll get on that. I'll do some pillow-style ornaments, a couple of flat folds, and a few wall hangings. I will also finish the patriotic acorn as a no-sew standup, Elegant Stitch style.

I have a terrific framer in Amherst, NH Casual Cat which is nice but I'm in L.A. I just hand the piece to Cindy and it comes back perfect--the right mat(s), the right frame, the right job in back. Oh, and a family discount because my dad has been a terrific customer from the very beginning. One time, I noticed a thread had come loose under the glass, and she took the whole job apart so that I could put it right. She's wonderful. If you live nearby you should check out the shop because she's got great taste and great gifts. In L.A., I take pieces to Canterbury Art Shoppe in Westchester for framing. Because there's no family discount here, I usually just get a frame put on. Stretching costs enough.

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