Friday, May 21, 2004

Two Finishes!

I've been off work for the past couple of days--our offices are being moved for major renovation over the summer. So far they are 2 days behind schedule. I'm hoping not to be there for the grand re-opening of our offices (I need a new job!) but I'm seriously doubting that we'll be back in place on Aug 15. In fact, I forsee a future of students lining up to ask questions while boxes are being unpacked.

All this has given me an opportunity to sit and stitch. I know I should drag out the afghan, but I feel FREE! as I stitch on the UFO pile. And it is shrinking. I finished Twisted Threads Fa La La Ornament and a CA Wells ornament from a class I took at least 5 years ago. It needed *9* palestrina knots. Nine! And that took five years? I'm making good progress on the eighteen in-progress pieces. I've taken some new pictures that I will put up as soon as my computer is unpacked and in the new tiny office that I'll be sharing like a freakin' dorm room. (Oh boy, I need a new job!) I'm working hard on the Roly Poly Santa and Professor Fizzby's Freebee. If I finish both of those, it will be back to the afghan because I didn't bring any other projects with me. Of course I could go home and get more, but I think I can control myself.

Speaking of controlling myself, yesterday, I spent my time off getting a manicure and pedicure, getting the car washed and oiled, and I felt so virtuous for having done the latter that I treated myself to a stop at the LNS. There, I got a Tacky BOB, a little cd jewel case that holds beads with its tacky interior; some magnets, to replace those lost in the great bag debacle; A Murderous Yarn, by Monica Ferris; Be Thee Mine by Chessie and Me and Thistle Clock and Sampler by M Designs. My LNS proprietor is selling her business and I thought everything was 20% off but it was just the charts. There are a couple of other things I'll pick up when more stuff is on sale--like the Meadowlark fabric so I can restitch Hearts and Flowers.

Kunni, I've put the link to the Stitcher's Five Memes at the bottom of my page. That's where the questions come from!

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