Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Winter Row, Finis

Woohoo! Another finish! I can hardly believe it myself. This is Bent Creek's Winter Row stitched on 32 count Amsterdam Blue with the called for colors.

Now that I've finished three pieces this month, I'm going to have to rethink my list for April. (You know I'm not doing this rotation in March. I said that back in January. You know why.)

I have to decide which pieces to slot in. There's a lot to choose from. (There's even more, but I am keeping the smalls out of the mix because I will use them for the SAL.) One spot will be taken up with a gift--JBW's French Country Owl. So that leaves two. Should I choose something nearly there? Something with a lot of work left to do? The oldest? The newest? Tell you what, I'll let you choose one from the following list.
  1. Mary's Stocking, SB
  2. Christian's Stocking, SB
  3. Wisteria Snowman, SB
  4. Autumn in Vermont, By the Bay
  5. Abigail's Wisdom, With My Needle
  6. Wabbit's Wonder, Sheepish Designs
  7. Lapland Santa, Mill Hill
  8. Nunavut Santa, Mill Hill
  9. Southern Cross Santa, Mill Hill
  10. St Nick's Noel, Amy Bruecken
  11. Lovebird, JABC
  12. Cinnamon Stars, Plum Street
  13. Coussin Carres Fleurs, Bleu de Chine
  14. Ladybug, Ladybug, Rabbit Workes 
  15. Tall Guys Christmas, Holiday Sparrow
  16. Lady Gray, Lilybet
  17. A Mind Independent and Free, Carriage House
  18. Off the Deep End, Raise the Roof
  19. Treasured Tulips, Nutmeg Needle
  20. 16th Century Knot Garden, Liz Diehl
  21. Merry and Bright, Heart's Content
  22. Love Me, Love My Dog, Mill Hill
  23. Leave a Light On, Teresa Layman
  24. Emerald Mermaid, Mirabilia
  25. Marquoir Bleu et Rouge
  26. Primitive Santa Kit, Janlynn
  27. St Basil's Cathedral, Dimple's Designs
  28. Friendship, Brightneedle
  29. Friendship Gathering, Blackbird Deigns
  30. June Morning, Good Huswife
  31. Great Pumpkin Conspiracy, Cross-Eyed Cricket
  32. Deruta Biscornu, Giulia Punti Antichi
  33. Two Fine Houses, Hands to Work
  34. Watercolor Geraniums


Linda said...

Congrats on the beautiful finish Nikki. I chose 27 and 18.


Kristen said...

Congratulations Nikki! Three finishes in one
month is very Impressive. For your open slots, pick the ones you feel the most enthusiastic about. Best way to keep up the momentum IMO. If you insist, however, Wisteria Snowman and Cinnamon Stars, and Wabbit's Wonder are my picks. (Totally selfish picks, since they're all in my stash and I want to stitch them, right along with Winter Row.)

Maggie said...

Congrats on the finishes this month, Winter Row look fantastic.

So many projects to choose from, but i would pick one of the stockings, they grow quickly
making then satisfying

Justine said...

Beautiful finish. That fabric really sets out the white of the design.
I vote one of the Mill Hill Santas - fun and instant gratification!

KimM said...

Lovely finish, Niki. Wow! Look at that list!

Robin said...

Oh my, what a list. I looked at each one and you certainly have a collection of pretties. I choose 11 or 18.

Margaret said...

Great finish! Just because I have the kit for the cat version, I vote for Love Me, Love My Dog. :D

doris said...

Congratulations on another finish! I'm jealous, but I keep choosing large projects. I vote for the 16th Century Knot Garden, and that was a great post!

C in DC said...

I vote for anything not-wintery. Now is the time to stitch spring and summer patterns. My favorite is Ladybug, Ladybug, but I like the mermaids and knot garden too.

Julie said...

Delightful finish - what a list to choose from - I vote the Sheepish Designs bunny, but them I would as I love bunnys lol

Chocolates4Breakfast (Terri Malinovich) said...

Super finish, Nikki! It really is a cute design. I pick PSS Cinnamon Stars. Congrats on three finishes this month.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Congratulations on your Happy Dance. I love snow designs stitched on blue, I use it a lot.

I'd pick number 6 because you can use the Wabbits for my Easter Blog Hop.

valerie said...

Great finish! Good job on three finishes this month too! I think you should stitch on those you feel vested in at the moment but I love your Emerald Mermaid and Christian's stocking.

Melinda said...

I love your Winter Row. Do I dare add this on my Wish List? Of course.

If I were to pick one off your list I love the Autumn in Vermont, and I also like Cinnamon Stars.

I think knocking three off your list is wonderful

Von said...

That's quite a list, Nikki! I couldn't begin to decide, lol! Good luck!

Bea said...

Congrats on the finishes - that is so terrific. Love the look of Winter Row, there's just something really nice about the combination of white on blue.

That's quite the list, but I would choose 7 or 8 - I'm loving your Santas.

Real Live Woman said...

I love Cinnamon Stars and Great Pumpkin Conspiracy.

Brigitte said...

Such a great finish. I think I still have a piece of Amsterdam Blue in my stash but have never thought of using it for snowman-stitching. I have to pull it out and start stitching a snowman on it.
My choice for the rotation would be Autumn in Vermont and Lady Gray.

Beth said...

Wonderful finish - I do like snow guys. I vote for Amy Bruecken.